Another one of my art pieces (read the warning)

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I couldn't leave it so here is the rest


    Sacrificed women in the name of religion,
    by taking their lives or their souls or both.
    Asked to bare all in the name of their God.
    Used as examples to the flock,
    then disgarded as unworthy.

    Devoted to their lives to gods
    Their lives they give up
    Religion taking the place
    Of love and family and home
    Then disgarded as unworthy.

    Sacrificed lives for a bunch of lies
    Not knowing the money rolls in.
    Used for slave labor
    And kept in the dark
    Then disgarded as unworthy.

    Give of your time and work all your life
    Give of your heart and your mind.
    They?ll take what you give
    And when all is done
    Disgard you as inworthy.

    Lee Marsh 2004

  • StinkyPantz

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Fascinating Dave. I see what LL and you were talking about. One other thing though, I noticed the autumnal coloring. Was that intentional?

    To me the shadings and color give a feeling of faith dying. At the same time the look on her face is one of innocent hope. Nice contrast in the purity you imbued her with the crass money.


  • Xena

    Interesting how the same piece of art can invoke different responses in people...personally my first thought upon viewing it was how symbolic it was of women sacrificing their youth and beauty on the alter of wealth and position. Gave me a few introspective moments myself, imho the mark of true art.

  • SixofNine

    I read the warning, but I wasn't prepared for the viscious attack on all that I hold dear!

    Surely you could allow the caring wisdom of a moratorium on building crucifi out of old growth Canadian timber to penetrate your cold, atheist heart?

  • Satanus

    This one raises my anger. Women sacrificing themselves for ... what? commercialism, and thousand other frivolous things. Men sacrificing women to achieve their ends. Uncle ben franklin, the closet hedonist, overseeing his creation w approval. Beauty turned into a commodity and sold by the pound. Etc, etc.


  • seven006

    ***One other thing though, I noticed the autumnal coloring. Was that intentional?***

    Actually the colors are more of a deep red color on the original tiff file. Depending on ones monitor, the color will look different. But, in answer to your question, yes, they are intentional.

    ***penetrate your cold, atheist heart***

    It's a cold agnostic heart. I lean heavily to the atheist side but being an open minded person, I try not to weld shut any door of possibility. As they say in the Mensa Mouse Club, an open mind is the sign of true intelligence. And, for your information it's Oregon old growth timber that is behind the wrapped currency. Canada isn't the only place with old trees that can be used as sacrificial icons in religious mythology. You're such a smart ass, that's why I have always liked you.

    ***Beauty turned into a commodity and sold by the pound***

    That is deep. Of coarse I know you mean outer beauty, they have yet to escalate the inner beauty industry to the multi billion dollar size as it's superficial counter part. Insecurity is an extremely profitable business and has a huge market share of the modern day consumer. Religion and cosmetics are very similar industries (think about it) and are two of the largest manufactures profiting from insecurity based remedy products.

    Leave it to you to see the main focus of this piece and why I posted a link on this board to view it. You are absolutely right. This piece, like religion, is wide open to interpretation based on individual perspective. My thoughts behind this piece and why I created it I will keep from posting for a while. I find it fascinating to read the different interpretations of this piece by the posters who have commented. I can just imagine how some of the (over 300 views at this point) people who have clicked to view this piece must think. Depending on their perspective on life in general, it will generate a wide variety of interpretations depending on their limited, or highly developed, intellectual levels of depth within those interpretations.

    I'm fairly sure the closet JW lurker who dared to click on the link will only see it as a naked lady hanging on a cross covered with money. That interpretation will only confirm a limited level of depth showing that they cannot go beyond their ability to see the ridicules and child like concept of the world needing some kind of redemption resulting from a belief that we are all in a world of shit because a talking snake, told a naked lady, to eat a piece of fruit.

    Keep the interpretations coming. Each and everyone are right according to your own individual ability to understand and comprehend.

    The next piece I am putting the elements together for will be a lot less controversial. It again will be a female nude study. It will be called "three angels shooting marbles."


  • Mulan

    Beautiful. I am NO artist, but can appreciate the talent

  • poppers

    Stunning! It's amazing nobody (to my knowledge anyway) has come up with this basic idea of a woman cucified. Very thought provoking - thanks for sharing this.

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