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    A while ago, I posted that I had heard Beth Shan was torn down to make room for a more modern home. I was informed by a PM that I was wrong. The informer had visited the home very recently. He had forgotten the name of the street it was on. I tried to find the home about three years ago and discovered it was in a gated community. I wasn't allowed past the gate. I'm sure there are plenty of good lies that can be made up to get past a security guard, though.

    In all the books and articles I've read about the top secret Beth Shan property, I've never come across an address for it, let alone even a street name. But using the areal photos of the property from Professor Ed Gruss's book "Jehovah's Witnesses - Their Monuments to False Prophecy" and I've discovered the exact location of the property.

    For those of you who are San Diegans [I no longer live there :( ] and those of you who visit San Diego, I will give you the name of the street and directions to get there. It would be nice if someone could visit and take pictures of the place. I've not seen a picture of the place that is newer than fifty years old or so.

    Here is a link to the map of the area. Since the link is so long, I had to break it up with carriage returns or this page would be 6 feet wide! I suggest you cut the link, paste it into note pad and remove the line breaks. Then cut the full link and paste it into another copy of your browser so you can follow the map and my directions:

    At the intersection of Montezuma Road and Fairmont Avenues one can actually see the famous Beth Sarim home by looking up the canyon to the South and West. With binoculars or great eye sight you can also see the unused burial crypt for Da Judge from there.

    If you start at the letter "M" in "Montezuma" Road and go straight south until you see an unnamed street which is a cul-de-sac that has a "hook" which turns south. There are two unnamed streets that "stick out" from the street labeled "Roxbury Road". Beth Sarim is located on the lower one (Braeburn Road). Beth Sarim is located where that "hook" on Braeburn turns almost due south.

    To locate Beth Shan, begin at that intersection of Montezuma Road and Fairmont Avenue and go east. The first place you can turn left (north) is "Yerba Santa Drive." Go up Yerba Santa and at the second road you can turn left (Norris Road) make that turn. Norris Road turns into another little cul-de-sac call "Armin Way." Near the very end on the right is Beth Shan!

    Happy sightseeing!


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  • Farkel


    Unfortunately, your link doesn't provide the detail necessary to find either property and if I embed my link as you did, my comments are difficult to follow because it makes the page very wide.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    alt This aerial photo of the Beth-Shan residences was taken after its sale in 1945. The building at upper right is the main Beth-Shan residence. The long building to the left of the cul-de-sac is the "goat barn" which had a secret bomb shelter (as did the main residence). The air strip at top left was not built by the Society, but was built by Bruster Gillies in 1945 after he purchased the property from the Society.

    (photo courtesey of Edmond Gruss)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    would sites like these be any help

    removed link

  • jwsons

    !!!!!!! Warning !!!!!!

    Lee, Your Last Link is dangerous. When I click it, it shows illegal image and a lot of pop-up overload PC memory (eventhough I had 2 anti-pop engines on).


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks jwsons I have removed the link

    if you go to

    and search for Sandiego CA a large map in the page and a smaller map on the top right will appear. You can click on the smaller map (go to the right and top ) to locate Highways 8 and 15 and from there go a little to the right until you see the streets Farkel mentioned

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    A better view although it has a watermark is at

    do a search for Braeburn Road San Diego CA

    and you can zoom in by clicking on the image in the area you want to see

    I got an image clear enough to see the windows in the houses

    If the building is still there then the large building at the end of the road should be Beth Sarim (as per Farkel's directions) unless it has been torn down

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Doing the same with "Armin Way" for Beth Shan and it doesn't look like any of those buildings in the image above are still there

  • JWrobot

    Anybody have the 9 digit zip code?

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