Comments You Wont' Hear at the 9-5-04 WT Study (Abbreviated)

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  • VM44
    Paul became "an apostle to the nations," but it was not because of his nationality, education, age, or long record of fine works. Often, fleshly-minded individuals view these as the factors that determine whom Jehovah should use as his instrument. May we never underestimate or prejudge those whom Jehovah chooses to use to accomplish his will.

    Compare this with what the Watchtower wrote concerning who might be chosen to replace one of the 144,000.

    Of course, any individuals proving unfaithful would need to be replaced. But, understandably, these would be comparatively few. And by whom would these be replaced? It seems reasonable also to conclude that most likely this heavenly hope would be extended to some who had endured in integrity, who had stuck to their dedication over the years, rather than its being held out to unproved newly dedicated ones. Watchtower, "Born Again, Man's Part and God's Part", 2/1/1982, pg 28

    Appears that the Watchtower has been guilty of promoting "fleshly-minded" thinking!


  • Roddy

    Mulan <<I still can't believe you have the stomach to do this every week. >>

    I'm amazed too. But I'm grateful that Blondie has both the stomach and the balance to do so. This is one Watchtower study where I really enjoy real research and comments from the audience instead of the same mindless repetition, repetition, repetition.

    The WTS is true about one thing: That iron does sharpen iron. Thanks friends!

    Plus I'm grateful to enjoy a holiday weekend with friends and family without guilt of missing field service and meetings. And having to explain myself at the next meeting.

    Blondie, did you mean "abbreviated" where you said in the subject "aggreviated"?

  • Roddy

    Blondie << Do you think it will be sparse at the meeting today? I went to a congo where a large group went camping every Labor Day weekend but only by invitation. >>

    I'm sure that invitation sender and others will get a "nice" shephearding call, read something in a Watchtower Study, or hear a Local Needs part aimed at him so he will not make such socializing again and cause the faithful enough fear, uncertainty, and doubt to accept such invitation again. You must maintain mind control and thought imprisonment at all times!

    But I'll bet you ANYTHING that the majority in that congo WT study as they went through another boring lession WISHED they had gone camping that Labor Day weekend - or did anything anywhere!

  • Roddy

    Wow! You hit on important points too, Ignat! Especially regarding the JW David and the modern assignment of Stephen.

    I'm amazing myself at what should be mentioned and isn't, and what is mentioned over-stressed and shouldn't be, in WTS literature.

    This is one great WT Study with comments.

  • Roddy

    Happy man, I'm sure you had good points to make but I kept losing you on where your comments began and ended and where the WTS comments began and ended. You really should include clues on which words are in your voice and what words are the WTS's voice.

    I just couldn't understand what you were trying to say here. And I really wanted to.

  • Roddy


    I enjoyed your comment. I remember how in the days of my blindness how those of Christendom or apostates where applied the Scripture of those who go to listen to them to "have their ears tickled". I honestly see to whom this really applies to - to the JWs themselves! You go to JW meetings not to learn anything but to get your daily fix of spiritual narcotic which makes you live in a fantasy land with fantasy people who treat you with fantasy love. And your fantasy world does you and those around you more harm than good.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    Wow! That pic of Moe Howard is freaking me out!

  • Roddy

    <<Wow! That pic of Moe Howard is freaking me out!>>

    I should change that. Until I find a better picture I'll just go without one for now. It's time to move on.

  • Flash
    I try to ask myself as I do my reviews, what is going on behind the scenes in WTS land. I think that people within the organization are not showing proper humility towards the organization. An indication in some areas is the removal of many long-time elders by the new COs. Just enough to put fear into those that remain.

    I'm sure your right Blondie. I think also the 'peasants are starting to revolt!' Which I am VERY HAPPY ABOUT!!!

    With the GB, humility is defined as unconditional surrender to THEM!

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