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  • Terry

    Make up a word.

    Give it a religious definition.

    1.Praysturbate: to imagine god will grant you your deepest longing if you ask him

    2.Fellatiorging: Sucking up to the elders at the Kingdom Hall

    3.De-eficating: doing anything that gets you disfellowshipped

    4.Apostulate: to wonder if the Society might be wrong about something

    5.Parrotificate: To answer a question at the WT study by repeating what the paragraph says.

    6.Geddonhorney: Any JW anxious for others to die at the Great Day of Gawd Almighty

    Okay, you get the idea.

    What are yours?

  • dh


  • qwerty

    Dehydrafication = Taking in WT "Truths".

    Qwerty (just hoping that is not a real word!)

  • dh

    refellowshiped - the opposite to disfellowshipped

  • minimus

    don't let Farkel see this.

  • Mulan

    Latona.............a dreaded disease

    (we have a street named Latona in Seattle, and we used to laugh about how it sounded like an illness)

    Corliss..............what you have when you are recovering from Latona

    (Corliss is the next street over)

    Veebelfetzer...............any little thingy on a machine

  • Farkel

    reculcate - ridding your mind of the trash it took in while the WTS was "inculcating" you.

    gleaned out - finding nothing but shit when you are looking for anything worthwhile in the WTS pubs.

    theoautocracy - a more accurate description of what the WTS really is.

    goatess - the wife of the guy that wouldn't take your WT magazines.

    porneiaphobia - irrational fear of getting caught and DFd for playing with your JW girlfriend's tits.

    mentalectomy - what happens to your brain from constant meeting attendance.

    highlightitis - a incurable disease which cause people to highlight virtually every word and question in the study articles. Unfortunately, after time, people afflicted with this disease become "yellow blind."

    theorosis - the fear that virtually EVERYONE in the Congregation is out to get you.

    Sorry, Minimus! Couldn't help myself!


  • Monski

    Re-braindiffusing - getting reinstated!

  • poppers

    This is great - keep 'em coming people. (If I were at all creative I'd add my own - sorry).

  • MerryMagdalene

    PROPERGANDA = "food at the proper time"; uninspired absolute truthisms served up by those who should know better.

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