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  • kls

    SM62, if we all had to apologize for everything we say this board would be nothing but that. Folks here take things pretty good. I know i have stuck my foot in mouth a lot. You are also under stress which makes things worse

  • SM62

    kls - you are a pure diamond!

  • kls

    SM62, really i am a diamond ? If i sell myself how much do you think i could get?

    ((((((((( BIG HUGS TO YOU ))))))))

  • Golf

    SM62, hang in there. No need to further punish yourself. Sorry to hear about the young mother.

    My golfing buddy past away a few months and another one is on the way out. I have another golfing buddy that has refuse an organ transplant and just wants to die, go figure. He's just doing his time. How sad.

    Guest 77

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    Lots of people have said things they regret, I know I have. You're a human and we're all full of folly sometimes. I am sad to hear of your friend.. that's very tragic, and such young children! Feel free to vent here anytime you feel the need to because it's a place to feel safe.

    Your friend,

    Country Girl

    P.S. What is that on your avatar? A hairball? I can't figure it out....

  • orangefatcat

    I remember the last time I drank one to many and put my foot in my mouth.

    Don't worry about it , your okay in my books



  • nb-dfed

    I wasn't in chat either (can't get it to work). I'm so sorry about your friend. Don't stress about what you said in chat, you just hang in there and know that you and your friend are in a lot of people's prayers right now!!

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