Hot Saucing your children

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  • glitter

    There a *savages* who do this to their children?! Why do people like that even *have* children?!

    Sitting a child out of view from a TV with cartoons on it is *genius* though.

  • desib77
    There a *savages* who do this to their children?! Why do people like that even *have* children?!

    Sitting a child out of view from a TV with cartoons on it is *genius* though.

    It seemed to work well for her.

  • Mulan
    I've known people who do it. Put Tabasco in their mouths.

    My Dad tells stories of his grandmother shaking tabasco into his mouth and his cousin's mouth, when they cursed. Of course that was before 1920, and times were different. He said it made them VERY careful around her.

  • Stefanie

    I wanted to comment on this yesterday but didnt get the chance..

    This is a great thread desi, i know how close you were to him..

    In my opinion i dont think its right. I CURRENTLY (lol) dont have a problem with cussing or rudness in my children, but if i did i would not use hot sauce on them.

    My granny used to pull my hair and lock me in the closet with a bowl of beans.

    I cant stand beans to this But i still love the ol lady..

  • Netty

    Gosh, that is cruel! I would never do that king of thing, theres also a chance a kid could have an allergic reaction to this. ( I have allergic reactions to some ingredients in hot sauce)

    I heard a story once of a child who died because the mother stuck a bar of soap in his mouth and started washing his mouth out with soap. Soap is not meant be injested, the poor boy had an allergic reaction, and died.


  • jgnat

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!....even though I do believe there is a place for corporal punishment. I do have a huge problem with punishments being administered by parents with no direct connection to the child's disobedience.

    Hot saucing a child I would put on par with putting a child's hand on a hot element on the stove.

    Where I have hot sauce being used with good effect is to paint a child's thumbnail with hot sauce who is trying to break the habit of thumb sucking. In this instance, there is direct consequence. If the child does not put his thumb in his mouth, there is no punishment. To force that child to put his thumb in his mouth crosses the line, though. The parent should be teaching the child how to avoid pain, not be the source of pain.

    Here is an example of where I allow direct consequence to inflict its own pain. When my son turned eighteen we were visiting my sister, and my idiot brother in law decided to show off the liquor cabinet to my son. I think my BIL was trying to get a rise out of me, knowing I did not drink. Well, my boy, not knowing any better, made several visits that day filling up his juice tumbler. I went to bed early, but I did hear a big commotion just before I dropped off. My son started swearing during a monopoly game. His younger cousins' ears were singed with the language. My BIL hollered for my boy to watch his language, and my son responded by vomiting on the carpet and passing out. My BIL hauled my son in to the bathroom, covered him with a sleeping bag, and spent the rest of the evening cleaning up.

    In the morning my sister was creeping around the house all embarrassed, and suggested that my son be excused from the afternoon concert. My dad and I responded in kind, "No way! He's going!" And he did, head pounding, pores reeking of vodka. Was I embarrassed by the whole affair? Not at all! Everybody had to live with their choices, most of all my son. As far as I know, he has never drunk as much again in one sitting.

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