Doing the Happy Dance!

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  • Stefanie

    Mine went back last week, and it was their first year on a school bus.

    We were all scared. Once the bus came too early, and a couple of times its late.

    Either way, it has been quiet. The babies are alot easier to handle when the big kids are gone. I guess they get on their nerves or something.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Mine is back in school, thank heaven, for his senior year. However, he moved to town with his girlfriend, so he doesn't go out here in the country anymore. Used to be when he'd get off the bus at 4 in the afternoon, our parrots would start screaming his name as soon as they'd hear the bus stop in front of the house. Now... the bus still goes by, and the birds still scream for him when they hear the bus.. but afterwards there's not the familiar >>SLAM!<< Mom!!?!? What's for DINN-ERRRRR????

    Heh. Peace.

    Country Girl

  • simplesally

    Good for you! Teryn is still too little for real school, she goes to daycare 3 days a week. Sometimes, 4, but that's when Mommy wants to do her shopping alone. I know what you mean!

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