Doing the Happy Dance!

by Princess 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Princess

    School started this morning! I'm free again.

    No more fighting!! Whooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FMZ

    I know that feeling... ours went back last week... All I can say is...

    AHhhhhhhh, much better.


  • arrowstar


    Just wanted to join in on the happydancin'!

  • Angharad

    LOL Princess

    I can REALLY relate - our two went back yesterday !!!!

    It was so nice to come home to a silent house and enjoy a cup of coffee without interruption or having to be referee

    Also I don't have to watch Scooby Do 10 times a day now

  • Nosferatu

    LOL! I went for a walk a couple of days ago (school started at the beginning of the week here). There were two girls sitting on a picnic bench in the park. They mush have been in grade 7, because one had a flute and one had a clarinet. They obviously couldn't play a damn thing *SQUEEK*

  • morty

    No happy dance here yet....Ours dont go back till next Tuesday.....

    I have been practicing my dance though...

  • Princess
    It was so nice to come home to a silent house and enjoy a cup of coffee without interruption or having to be referee

    Yep, Steve was still here when I got home but now it's all quiet and sooooooooooo heavenly.

    I'm quite excited to do some real grocery shopping for the first time since June. I refuse to take them to the store for more than say, 15 items. Today I'm getting a cartload of food! Alone.

    That cup of coffee sounds fabulous Ang, I think I'll go make one.

    <dances to the kitchen...>

  • Mulan

    I am so happy for all you parents. It's amazing how much we love our kids, and how much we wanted them to be born, and how happy we are when they go off to school. I've always wondered about parents who home schooled. I was just not that dedicated. I sure love my kids though....................and am glad they are all grown.

  • Princess

    Is it my imagination or is there a post missing from this thread?

    I was going to reply that it's not mean! It's lovely. We paid our dues with years of tears and diapers and wakeful nights and barney and giant diaper bags full of junk we needed if we were to go beyond the driveway. Now we get a little quiet time so we can be excited to see them at the end of the day.

    My kids had a great day. It was a new school for Rhys and he was nervous. He gets to ride the bus now and found that quite exciting although he did suggest I could give him a ride today...I declined. He came home happy and left this morning ready for a new day.

    Zoe doesn't make me stand around pleading for her to go into her classroom anymore. Last year it was tears most days and about 25 goodbye hugs and kisses. This year it's one hug, one kiss and see ya later!

    ~sigh~ Life is Good.

  • kls

    Oh yes . The memories of that wonderful yellow bus coming to take my kids away. The joy. Now if someone would come and take my 20yr. old away.

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