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  • Dolllie

    I have seen visions that were real. Some people "do" see visions......

  • kls

    What comes to mind is something that happened after my step-dad died . Yes this may sound weird but here goes . Three-days after his death i could feel and hear him sitting on the edge of my bed talking to me, this wen on for about 4 nights. He kept telling me the same thing , to call this certain phone number and i remember i kept repeating this number in my head an each time i would get it wrong , i kept messing up the numbers and his voice would get louder and louder and more stern to get the number right. I did remember the number and after a month i called the number , it was in California . I heard an answering machine and i got scared and hung-up. It was so weird , he kept telling me how important this number and person was but i guess i will never know.

    I have dreamt of angles sitting on my bed talking to me but i just feel it is my imagination . If this was something that happened to me often then i might think otherwise.

  • Sirona


    Good topic!

    I think that if you had a visit from a god or goddess you wouldn't be wondering what it was.


  • myauntfanny

    If something like that happened to me I would try to just let it be what it is. I wouldn't try to explain it to myself as being God or a hallucination. If it happened often, I certainly wouldn't go to a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, because their training is to be completely skeptical and dismissive about mystical experiences. I might go to a therapist to help me deal with it. But I'd make sure that I found someone who could accept it as being an experience and not just a symptom of mental illness.

    There do seem to be people who are more prone to mystical experiences, like all the famous ones, Eckhardt and Swedenborg and Julian of Norwich and Joan of Arc and Abbess Hildegard of Bingen. Some seem a lot more functional than others. Swedenborg was a really successful person, invented all sorts of things and hobnobbed with the great and the good. Eckhardt did okay but eventually got nobbled by the church for preaching heresy, Julian of Norwich seemed completely bonkers, and we all know what happened to Joan of Arc.

  • Cicatrix

    Does it really matter from whence it came, if the message is positive and brings you peace?

    "Those who know It speak of It not, those who speak of It know It not."

    I agree with Sirona and Gently Feral on this one.

    I'm glad you'e willing to keep an open mind, 'cause believe me, you'll need one if it actually happens to you;)

  • kes152

    Peace be with you.

    you asked: "You have several vivid visions. In the visions a person/entity tells you that s/he is God. When this happens you are awake and you have not deliberately ingested any drugs. During these visions you feel clear headed and peaceful. This person/entity is not frightening.

    1. Do you accept this vision as from God? If so, why? "

    Not yet, because the feeling of peace and clearheadedness does not instantly mean that the vision was from God. What was the vision? What was the purpose of the vision? Was it something pleasing to the flesh or beneficial for the spirit? Who's interest is the vision in? Is it in my best interests or that of the other person? Is the vision a message of comfort or is it reproof? Has someone sinned? Have I sinned? Why is this vision being brought to my attention? Does the vision "bear witness with my spirit?"

    These things, and perhaps others, need to be known before one can discern if what was told or shown to them (in this case, the vision) originated from the Father, because many false prophets have entered into the world.

    Peace to you,


  • ohiocowboy
    Do any of you think that certain people are more susceptible to spirit contact?

    Joseph Rutherford was very susceptible to contact with spirits... Rum

    Seriously though, If I ever had a vision like that, I think that I would lean more towards an imbalance with me, as I would not understand why it would have to come in a vision to one person, rather than communicate openly with a large group of people. If God wants to communicate, then it should communicate itself to all openly, not in a vision.

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