Florida - Brace yourselves again!!

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  • DevonMcBride

    The Miami cruise industry is prepared. This is in e-mail from Carnival Cruise Line.

    Based on the projected path of Hurricane Frances and anticipated port closures around the state of Florida, Carnival Cruise Lines is
    making the following changes:

    Fantasy 3-Day Cruise Scheduled to Depart Port Canaveral Thursday, Sept. 2 -- The voyage will operate and depart at 4:30pm as
    scheduled. The port call at Nassau has been cancelled and the itinerary has been modified to a "cruise-to-nowhere." Guests who sail
    will be provided a $100 per person shipboard credit and a 50 percent discount off a future cruise. Those who wish to cancel may do
    so and receive either a future cruise credit or a full refund.

    Fascination 3-Day Cruise Scheduled to Depart Miami on Friday, Sept. 3 -- This voyage has been cancelled. Guests have the option of
    receiving a future cruise credit or a full refund.

    Other Voyages Scheduled to Arrive and Depart From Florida Ports on Saturday and Sunday -- Travel agents and guests are asked to keep
    in contact with Carnival via the company's web site at [ http://www.carnival.com/ ] or via phone by calling 1-800-CARNIVAl for
    recorded updates. Based on the path of the storm and subsequent port closures, some arrivals and departures may be delayed. The
    latest information will be available via the cruise line's web site and toll free phone number listed above.


  • Special K
    Special K

    Stinky Pants.

    Whats the Yay, for? (I'm bewildered)

    Happy Dad.

    I can't even imagine how traumatic that last hurricane was for your daughter. I can't imagine how upsetting and paniced I would be to receive such a call from one of my children.. I'd panic. It must have been a long 4 days for you Happy Dad.

    I'll be thinking of all the people in Florida as they prepare for this Hurricane Frances.

    Try to move to higher ground and safer housing .. especially if it's a mobile home.


    Special K

  • safe4kids

    Happy Dad,

    That must have been awful for you! My sister is in Port Charlotte and I was sweating it just not hearing from her for a couple of hours...I can't imagine going through 4 days I hope that she'll be okay through this current storm; fortunately, it shouldn't be nearly as bad as what she went through with Charley.

    Thanks for the info Uzzah and how ya doin'?


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