Florida - Brace yourselves again!!

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  • Uzzah

    To our Friends in Florida!

    Hurricane Frances is making it's approach over the Bahamas. It is anticipated to hit the East Coast of Florida by Saturday.

    They are already discussing tropical storm/hurrican warnings for Florida as early as tonight. Apparently there are fairly strong winds and storms running in advance of the main storm.

    Please take precautions and take care of yourselves!

    The American Red Cross has already sent out a request that after the storm hits they will likely need to tap into the Canadian volunteer supply to assist with this latest storm. So they are anticipating some major damage from this storm.

    Keep us up to date as you can how y'all are making out.

    Be safe!


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  • dh

    punishments from heaven

  • Carmel

    Go Seminoles!!

  • waiting

    Thanks, Uz, for the update. Been watching the news - all of us in SC were caught offguard last weekend when it rained approx. 12 hrs. straight. My son in Charleston said part of the city is still backed up with water. In our city, there's still water sitting in some yards/streets.

    LOTS of people worried about this next one.

    My thoughts & hopes for the best to all in Frances' way - or were in Charley's way.


  • HappyDad

    For those on this board who still pray...........please pray for my daughter and everyone else who may be affected by Francis. My daughter is in North Fort Myers and had damage from Charlie that is still in the process of being taken care of. Many others have faired worse. Some lost their lives in the very retirement parks where I looked at mobile homes to move into.

    The weather patterns are going goofy this year and now another BIG hurricane...........someone ........somewhere will be affected by this one also.

    The Friday that Charlie hit.........I was in New York and my daughter called me.....she was crying hysterically......and hiding in a closet with a mattress over her..........then the phones went dead. I wasn't in the best emotional state for a few days wondering about her being alone in the house since her other half was in Ohio for a week on business. I finally had phone contact with her 4 days later. What a relief to know that she was ok.

    So now........another one........a worse one.......heading to people many of us on this board know and love.......many on this board who live in the area the storm will affect. We need to send all of them our love.......and if needed........material help.


  • Been there
    Been there

    I just talked to my aunt in Ft. Myers to see how they are holding up. She isn't as concerned since it will hit the other side of Florida and be much weaker going across land. She is very worried about the piles of debrie still there from Charlie. They will be very unstable in high winds and become projectiles. She also is not looking forward to being without electric again so soon. It was off for 5 days the last time, she said she was never so excited to have a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee in her life. I pray for everyone in Florida and the East Coast. Stay safe.

  • Mulan

    They are calling it a Monster Hurricane, and possibly the worst to hit land in decades.

  • IronGland
    The weather patterns are going goofy this year and now another BIG hurricane...........someone ........somewhere will be affected by this one also.

    Hurricanes headed for the SE coast during Hurricane season isn't a goofy weather pattern. I live in S.C. A couple head in our direction every year. Hopefully this one will head North at the last minute as they sometimes do.

  • Princess

    OMG! I had no idea, I've been so wrapped up in getting the kids ready for back to school. This is awful!

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