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  • nightwarrior

    HI EVERYONE who remembers us!!!

    Sorry that we have not been on the board for ages - actually it seems like a lifetime as so much has happened..

    we moved house, and then one thing and another - and bang time flies... well this is just to say hello again and to let those who we have chatted with in the past that we are well and alive and kicking JW arse.... more later....

    I have even had to rediscover the computer as I have been so busy I have not had the time to sit and'relax'....... but I am able to chill a little now so fingers crossed I will be back chatting to you oldies and you newbies (and alot of them aswell!!!!)

    Look forward to hearing from you all

    Love Cath (mrs nightwarrior)

  • Vivamus

    I remember you!!!! Good to hear from you

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Welcome back Nightwarriors! Good to see you again!

    Country Girl

  • ignored_one

    Welcome back Mr & Mrs Nightwarrior.


    Ignored One.

  • Joyzabel

    Good to "see" ya, Nightwarriors.

    We missed you at E-man's BBQ this summer.


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