Did you ever believe those stories?

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  • RunningMan

    At my District convention they recited the stories of the Lillelid family who were shot and killed at a rest stop on their way home from the DC, the sister who was killed at a quick build in Germany, and the couple who were killed during an armed robbery at a DC in Houston.

    No, wait.... those were the stories they didn't tell.

  • Balsam

    I was in the the JW 29 years and heard the same stories reformated and then recirculated again and again. I remember telling my now ex-husband, god can't they find some fresh new stories instead of these old ones that we've heard over and over again. They don't even sound true. I bet he is still listening to the same ones redressed and smiling with the mindless folks around him. Never giving a thought to the fact that he has head that before only 25 years ago.

    Those 9/11 ones are the most horrible they have come up with. But then I've heard other religious people using simular stories showing how God protected them from being in the towers on 9/11. It is all rather sad. So many people died there. But then look at other tragedys where lots of people die. It is all the same. Life is short, and unpredictable no matter who you are or what you believe in.

    I can just see my ex-husband getting up on one of the assemblies or conventions telling how when our son was in an accident he bravely refused blood. And when my son became unconscious, then he refused blood for him. And how Dak died, and how proud he was of him for holding true to Jehovah. Never would my ex tell how his children's mother left him and how both his remaining two sons want nothing to do with him and have left the JW's. But the Society will doctor it up to make it sound good. Glorify the death of a 15 year old JW boy to make them look good.


  • metatron

    I recall that Farkel can tell you that experiences of various old-timers in the Watchtower are not to be believed, based on

    his personal experience with them - like Art Worsley, for example.


  • Undaunted Danny
  • Mysterious
    I remember too, in one of the yearbooks how a JW in a banned country was refused entrance onto a ferry to take him across to the other side of the water because he was a JW. The ferry left, and everyone on board was shot and killed except for the brother who was left behind, and how Jehover had protected him.

    There was one about a bus being boarded by gunman and telling all the JWs to come forward. 2 did and 3 didnt. The 2 that did were put off by the side of the road because the militants said they knew they wouldnt take sides in conflict. Everyone else on the bus was robbed and then killed.

  • DaCheech

    I've had experiences at the assemblies and I've been in the back while others practiced theirs in front

    of the Overbeer. Guess what? They are all brushed and covered with honey to "encourage"

    Others would call it exaggerating! Lying!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    Yup! Jehover will protect you from terrorists on ferries, collapsing bridges and collapsing buildings... but he WON'T protect you from bleeding to death after an accident (his little way to test your loyalty).

    or from child molesters INSIDE the kingdom hall !!!!!!!!

  • DaCheech

    "I got an email a few months after 9/11 telling how a Bethel biggie at the breakfast table told the family about a brother who had been trying to get a job with some company for some time. He finally got offered the job, but it started the same time as he was supposed to be going to MS school. He asked if he could start a couple of weeks later and the company said no. He had a decision to make, the job or the MS school. Well, the young brother decided to put Jehovah first and turned down the job, even though he had been trying for some time to get on there. He went on to MS school. The first day of the job had the taken it? 9/11. And the company was in one of the towers. Of course this is to impress upon everyone how important it is to put jehovah first and it will safeguard you."

    My C.O. told this story last week on his "put jehovah first" speech to the young ones. We go to a foreign language congregation, but guess what? He said the speech in english to reach the young ones!

    P.S. he referred to carreers as "lucrative" and "do not bring any rewards", all those people are "unhappy"

    I felt sorry for the young guys in the cong. But they had to listen to this for an hour!

  • Lostreality

    its times like this, that i wish the witnesses would pull this crap on me. even just the 9/11 story, or variations of it...i could put them in their place.

    I remember one story about a woman who walked 8 miles every week to get to meeting (some 3rd world country). She happened to intercept a messege that she could bearly read, telling where the meeting was to take place this week, instead of the usual kingdom hall. she walked the few miles to the new site where the messege said the meeting would be, but no one showed up. So a few days later, she got news that the kingdom hall had been raided in the past couple days, torched, the building, and killed all the witnesses..but of course, it was "obeying divine instruction" that 'saved' her life...

    what about the other people that would killed?

  • blondie

    The WT/CO/DO always massage these stories. I can remember one older sister admitting on stage that she couldn't remember the words that she had been rehearsed to say and went into the story the way she originally was going to tell it. But when you are old you can get away with more.


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