Did you ever believe those stories?

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  • mysterio91

    The post about Jehovah sending panties through the mail is funny. It reminds me of all the stories at the assemblies and conventions of zealous witnesses rewarded for their dedication. I never believed any of them. They all seemed too outragous. Then there were the ones that were supposed to scare us into obedience.

    I remember one in particular. I was about 9 years old, and a brother told a story about two young brothers (teenage) that went to go see "The Exorcist" at the movies, or something like that, the night before an assembly. The next day, as they were walking into the assembly hall, they started floating off the ground. I remember thinking, "yeah right", but being scared anyway. Since then I've always thought it would be nice to KNOW just one person they claim to be talking about. If you ask me, there's some guy sitting at Bethel making all this shit up.

  • badboy

    One does wonder about some stories if there are a lot of *

  • dorothy

    At last years convention a man got on stage and told a story of "The Hardest Decision He Ever Made". His daughter was in a car accident and needed blood, but he wouldn't consent. She died. Everybody clapped.

    What f**ked up bunch of people does it take to clap when a parent stands there and says "My child was dying and I could have saved her but I decided not to."

    Bravo, bravo

  • ohiocowboy

    I remember too, in one of the yearbooks how a JW in a banned country was refused entrance onto a ferry to take him across to the other side of the water because he was a JW. The ferry left, and everyone on board was shot and killed except for the brother who was left behind, and how Jehover had protected him.

    Another was about a sister in a banned country who's house was being searched for literature, so she hid the literature in her oven. The authorities searched the house, and then went into the kitchen, and when they opened the oven door, there was a fresh baked apple pie. The neighbor had snuck in and replaced the literature with the pie. Another protection from the Almighty!

    I think some of the stories have coincidental merit as being factual with possible imbellishment, while others are just the fabrication of Bethel story writers who sit back toking on doobies, and create stories to scare the R&F into submission. Smoking

  • dorothy

    Oh, I got another one. Two years ago at the convention they told a long, drawn-out, dramatic story about a guy who was offered a job making $100,000 a yeay but he'd have to miss book study to take it. He decided to refuse the job so he could go to book study. Anyway, at the end of the story the speaker said "and guess where the job was? The world trade centre." (Audible gasps from the crowd.) What a load of crap. I KNOW it's not true, how horrible to use a tragedy like that just to make up a bullshit story to scare people into coming to meetings.

  • Jim_TX

    These are all called 'JW Urban Legends'. They have existed a long time.

    The JWs - while they do not think so - or would deny it if told so, are very superstitious - sometimes even moreso than 'worldly' people.

    Stories like these are meant to 'spook' them, and keep them 'in line', so that they do not 'stray'.

    My aunt - who is NOT a JW - but is a Mormon... has told me stories that are just as ridiculous.

    One in particular, about one of their young 'men' who she had a 'dream' about. In this dream, he was driving his car, and it went over an unsafe bridge... and the bridge was about to collapse. Well, in her dream, she 'thought', 'Oh Lord, don't let anything happen to this fine young boy!' (or somesuch).

    Well... in real life, this young man _was_ driving to a destination that would take him across a bridge. The car died just prior to going across the bridge. He had to call a tow-truck to look at it - or whatever. In the mean time, a car, with a young boy and girl drove over the bridge - and it collapsed - killing them.

    She goes on to tell how that this young boy has thanked her for 'saving his life', with her 'prayers'.

    Next time she tells me this story... I intend to ask her... what about the couple that fell to their deaths? Were they 'evil', or not worth 'saving'?


    Jim TX

  • undercover

    I got an email a few months after 9/11 telling how a Bethel biggie at the breakfast table told the family about a brother who had been trying to get a job with some company for some time. He finally got offered the job, but it started the same time as he was supposed to be going to MS school. He asked if he could start a couple of weeks later and the company said no. He had a decision to make, the job or the MS school. Well, the young brother decided to put Jehovah first and turned down the job, even though he had been trying for some time to get on there. He went on to MS school. The first day of the job had the taken it? 9/11. And the company was in one of the towers. Of course this is to impress upon everyone how important it is to put jehovah first and it will safeguard you.

    I don't know if this actually was told at Bethel or even if the story is true, but I was instantly incensed. You mean God would kill up to 3000 people to prove a point in how it's better to go to MS school than it is to go to work? What about the 13 other JWs who lost their lives that day? Were they somehow less faithful than the brother who turned down the job? That story makes the rounds from time to time and I get mad each time I hear it. I used to ignore it, but now I jump in with both feet and argue about how insensitive that story is to those that did die and their families.

  • Elsewhere

    Yup! Jehover will protect you from terrorists on ferries, collapsing bridges and collapsing buildings... but he WON'T protect you from bleeding to death after an accident (his little way to test your loyalty).

  • SheilaM

    I wanna When Thunders brother that is stil "in" (the one the that is handicapped with CP and hasn't seen the dubs in over 12 years) Calls and says "Thunder did you hear that 1,000 people were killed in ________storm, or collision etc BUT A BROTHER SURVIVED.

    That is just sooooo horrible

  • Jim_TX

    Beyond the 'JW Urban Legend'... I don't know if most of those JW folks realize it or not, but aren't most 'First Day' of a 'new job' on a Monday?

    9/11/2001 - was a Tuesday.

    Plus, no JW in their 'right mind' would start on a Tuesday - as that's 'book study night'. *wink*


    Jim TX

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