Im new here

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the board need for speed.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

  • need for speed
    need for speed

    Thanks for the welcome.I am glad that i have a new place to go to when I'm in need of support.

    Thanks for noticing,
    Need for speed

  • Balsam

    Need for Speed,

    Welcome here so glad to see young folks finding their way here. Boy out of my 3 sons only one was as articulate as you are. Love it. My two sons have been on their path away from religion. All my sons were raised in the witnesses. They began to come out when I left their Dad. My youngest son is 16 and has been refusing to attend meetings with his Dad and new Step-Mom now for about 8 months. He is getting stronger every day. My oldest son is 21 now and is glad to not have to deal with going to the KH anymore, he told me not long ago he always hated meetings.

    Hope you find lots of help and encouragement here. My 16 year old son has not been allowed to have the internet either, but he uses it here at my house. He had read some of the boards, but he is wiggly to sit still long. LOL


  • ignored_one

    Hi Need for Speed,

    I've yet to meet Grace.

    But hopefully one day.


    Ignored One.

  • codeblue

    Welcome Need for Speed

    There are a lot of kewl people here.....glad to hear your dad is "supportive" to you!!!


  • need for speed
    need for speed

    I just had to note on what you said,I confess that I am not as articulate as u think I had help from my dad they were all my thoughts but some of them I could not explain (I wish this board had spell check).Oh and with your sons I am glad to here that they found there way out of the truth and are getting stronger every day.I am lucky to have a supportive dad because I had a lot of stress all my life.I was lucky to be the yungest to leave the cult at the age of twelve (luckily the law was on my side).One of the main reasons i left my mom and the cult is divorce and family break up caused by the cult.All of my bros are 24-32 years old. They are also a good source of support.
    Thank you all for the welcome(i wrote this post this time).
    Need for speed

  • nb-dfed

    Welcome. I wish I had known of this site when I was thirteen! Glad to have you here!

  • mouthy

    Hey!!!! Needfor speed!!!!!!((((((HUG))))) Well Welcome to the link!!!! Happy that you remember my hug!!!!!! ( some folks like to forget -in the WT)

    Your such a clever fellow!!!!! finding how to get here! I am 77 years old now! Have trouble getting around on it LOL

    You're dead right fellow ----Your Dad is the greatest!!! Now all we have to do is find him a good lady friend LOL!!!!!! Got any Idea's????

    I love you sweetie !!!! remember you too LOTS!!!!! I saw David not long ago he was playing chess in a comptition- wanted me to go see him I did!!!! His Dad has a lady friend now---Whom he likes!!!!!!((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))& xxxxxxxxx

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