Jehovah's Witness pi$$ing contest

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  • hoser

    Ok more about the jw wedding I attended.  There were these two couples at our dinner table that were having an all out pissing competition as to who was the most spiritual.   They were comparing who was in "the truth" the longest, who pioneered where and for how long.  How many generations of jehovahs witnesses they were. As it went on they drank more wine and the bs got thicker. One would say their kid pioneered such and such a place then the other couple would up them by saying their kid is a missionary in the Congo. 

    I had to get up and leave.  I just couldn't take it anymore. 

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    They get that honestly from the borg where anything that you do is never good enough for them.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Were any of them related to the married couple?
  • Magnum
    I saw so much of that kind of thing in JWdom; it used to sicken me.
  • SafeAtHome
    Uh, oh. Looks like the congregation is in for a local needs talk: no more alcohol at social gatherings.😕
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    You should have told them that your Son gave his first talk when he was only 5 years old and he did it speaking Farsi.
  • hoser
    Village Idiot40 minutes ago
    Were any of them related to the married couple?

    yea one couple was his aunt and uncle and the other was an elder in the local congregation and his wife
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Yeah, I've seen that plenty. I like to chime in with things like, "I survived a Nazi concentration camp. And before that, I was a colporteur and knew Pastor Russell personally."
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Was this in Ohio by any chance?  I know of some in Ohio with children in Congo (there can't be many) so if so I probably know them
  • Hairtrigger
    It won't be long before one claims  direct lineage to one of the apostles or ,indeed ,Christ himself! Tony the turd is sure as hell heading in hat direction!

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