I figured out the date for Armageddon

by gitasatsangha 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Elsewhere

    I still believe the end will come in 1874... there are just some technical difficulties holding things up.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I'll be 74 and hopefully will have lived a full and happy life. And even if I haven't lived a full and happy life, I couldn't give a rat's arse! However, I like your (TAN) math!



  • BrendaCloutier

    Gita, here's one for you: I'm 47 (+) now, and will be 74 (+) then. Any spiritual, or for that matter, earthly significance in this? My numerology number in 2031 before my November birthday is 1. Interestingly enough, 47 = 1 and 74 = 1. Gawd, do you think I'll have to start over?


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It happened yesterday - invisibly - and you didn't know ?

    It appears that you must be one of the weak ones and we should be wary of your intentions.

  • JH

    October 1st 2004

  • lawrence


    1 missing ingredient: ( (number_of_cigarettes_Keith_Richards_smokes_each_day) * (number_of_partakers_in_Beligium_in_1975)

    / (Hurricane_Alex_Max_Wind_Speed ** 2)) , then you'll have it, and drop off 1260 days and then you'll be cooking at the beginning of the GREAT TRIB.

    What's the problem C.T.?

  • bull01lay

    Well ya got me convinced gita !!

    I've sold everything I own now, bought a new suit and briefcase ready to minister, and am leaving the rest to you. Should be enough left for a happy meal!

    Thanks for the warning!!

    Bull!! <<=walks away wondering where do you get the time to think this stuff up!!

  • Sirona
    The Stones Will Cry Out: Number of Rolling Stones members past and present: 8 (multiply by the number of Days) =117120


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    (Aside to Shamus)

    JCanon is a chick? Imbued as I am with WT male chauvanism, I never imagined that as a possibility. Its silly to imagine that a mere woman could be so special to the almighty, who is himself male.

    Next you'll be telling me that 50% of humanity is female... as if!

    (End aside to Shamus)

    Lord Gita, surely YOU are the Christ.

    May I follow you?

    Is it enough that I transfer all my eathly possessions to you, or should I also sell both my kidneys as a matter of faith? (I don't think I'm using them right now.) I could also sell my collection of rare Family Circle magazines (all in near perfect condition if you disregard the cat urine).

    In your name (Gitasang...whatever) I ask, amen.

  • Sunnygal41

    One thing you can guarantee about the time of the end, it will always be one kazillionth later than any time or date you attach to it.............it's a Zen thing.........


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