WT Run By Out Of Touch Old Men? Proof!

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  • ezekiel3

    Jwbot: Big hugs for you.

    Gita: Too funny, I will never see Vader or Jaracz the same again.

    During the DC part about "karate-like movements" our entire aisle "kung fu-ed" each other.

    But wait! there's more...Look for my post on Saturday's program (I'm just waiting for the time limit on posting to pass)

  • shamus
    How about the famous article on prostate cancer, telling us that this is a good thing that christians are moral

    because immoral thoughts can cause this illness!

    I remember that article. You sholdn't let yourself get 'inflamed with passion'. They take advice that further they're cause by medical doctors, yet when the opposite is proven true, they suddenly turn into blind old men.

    They are very deceptive.

  • GermanXJW

    BTW, the GB has not "observed" anything themselves. These are things told in by CO/DO.

  • DaCheech

    They've gotta go to a congregation themselves?

  • sf

    Maybe, just maybe the kids are secretly saying to themselves that the Watchtower Men are...

    Village Idiots! (While pretending to chop their heads off.)

    But just can't do so outloud.

    It's their way of conveying The Truth.

    {{ breaks out singing }}


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