bethel tour today. what a joke

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  • Sirona


    Thanks for posting that. Interesting visit - I hope the guy thinks about what you said.

    I didn't know they only printed bibles in 31 languages! wow


  • Pleasuredome

    nice one johnny! if i go to NY you'll have to take me on the tour lol

  • frenchbabyface

    ... hum it smels good ...

  • frenchbabyface

    Well ... he might be fired for Apostasy if he doesn't leave by himself (after 18 years being volontere) what about his retirement saving ??? Does the WTBS provide something ?

    Well if not - and if you are a bethelite ... have a strick ! and ask for selling all the building(s) to take care of that !

  • NewSense

    Frenchbabyface says: "Hum. It smells good." Hey, aren't you quoting what Bill Clinton said about that cigar? A propos, ou habitez-vous en France? Vous etes de quel coin en France? Moi, j'ai passe une annee dans la Dauphine, a Grenoble. Apres, j'etais a Rouen. Il faudrait bien que vous excusiez mon francais affreux. Pour ce qui de l'expression en francais, j'en ai bel et bien perdu le tour de main. Je vous demande pardon!

  • frenchbabyface

    New Sens

    Je suis de Paris, ton français est presque parfait !!!
    Mais où es-tu maintenant ? (Si ça ne te déranges pas d'en parler)

  • Bubbamar

    Hey!! That's no fair! Talking french in here!

    I loved the bethel story!! Way to go! I'm so shocked that an 18 year bethelite let you cover so much ground!

    Okay, now I have to know about the Russian Convention, Tax in France, Norway, hughes case and glen how?

  • frenchbabyface

    Ok bubba sorry I've forgot again !

    Je suis de Paris, ton français est presque parfait !!!
    Mais où es-tu maintenant ? (Si ça ne te déranges pas d'en parler)

    means :

    I'm from Paris, your French is almost perfect
    But where are you now ? (if you don't mind telling)

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    yes dan : i kept bringing up the amount of donations for the world wide preaching work. they dumped into building this so called education center. or as he put it. a self contained city. he made a big deal about how they generate thier own electricity. i told him how the wt accepted $48,000 from the new york gov't to help build that power plant. in bed with babylon. he tried to say the electric co. would fine them each month if they didn't produce their own electric. i started laughing, the electric co loves selling their product. now they have to buy back any extra power the wt generates. $$$$$$$$$$ next i started on the selling of buildings in brooklyn, and how they wanted to build 4 towers with 1000 luxury condo's on jay st.since they are moving to patterson and wallkill. who going to live there? were is all this $$$$$$$$$$ coming from. yes BABYFACE i asked about retirement. no such thing , i told him about the bro that lost his hand in the printing press. the wt gave him a bus ticket home. and the spanish translators that were thrown out of bethel after 20+ years penny less because they had some questions. i told him flat out, i guess your pretty much stuck here. the best one was how he bragged about the free room and board. but said they had to buy their own furniture. and showed me pictures of beautifully furnished room. they looked like those time share models. i asked at $110 a month it would take 5-10 years to save enough to furnish a room like that. i said it must be a gb member room . he didn't answer . he showed me pictures of their auto mechanic shop. i said who could afford a car at $110 A month. i went right into circuit leasing. how the cong's pay for a new $28000 buick and then they sell it after 3 years and keep the $$$$$$$$$ . he corrected me it's every 2 years. he wasn't so proud when i said @ 1000 cars every 2 years sold for $15000 each , would be 15 million off the backs of the bro's. and they still have to buy the bishops i mean c.o. a new car.. at the end i started on the child molestion cases vs the wt. went into some detail of about 4 cases. and how the wt did nothing. he tried to say it's all lies . funny the judge didn't think it was all lies when some of these serial molesters .got up to 50 years in prison. and the wt knew about much of this . and told the little girls to wait on jehovah. it's amazing how little these bethelites seem to know, or how much . they are fed propaganda. john

  • poppers

    This almost makes me wish I had been a jw and then df so I could really appreciate your story -- NOT.

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