Did You Think That You Would Be In Paradise By 2004?

by minimus 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    But of course we should have been in paradise by 2004.

    I wasn't supposed to be over 40 in this old system if I believe everything the Watchtower published years ago. Oh, the pain of getting old.

  • avishai

    I've been living in paradise fro almost 6 years now. The dubs were right about one thing. I DID end up in paradise.

    Paradise, California that is. Not figuratively, that's the name of my town.

  • fifi

    I was brought up "in the truth" and when I was a kid I can remember hearing my Mum saying that my little brother (born in 1972) would never have to go to school. He's now in his 30s with kids of his own.

    I also have the distinct memory of my Dad's foreboding "...Armageddon will be here before this generation comes to pass..." style comments. This made for some pretty amazing nightmares.

  • minimus

    There's no such thing as being in "paradise". Bah Humbug!!

  • tazmaniac

    I remember in the 80's thinking that the big A would be here and gone by 2000. I think like the vast majority of JW's, I never thought I would make it anyway.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... seeing as I graduated High School in 1974 - I never looked too far beyond the '1975' date that was being promoted at that time.

    No college plans... no career plans... nada.

    Well - I _did_ get some junior college... but no degree.

    I will say this though. Now that I am out of that mess - I have no one to blame for my lack of education - and degree - but myself. I no longer am able to say, "Well - it's their fault." Now, it's my own fault if I do not go back to college and get that diploma.

    I think it is the same way with many others - they just don't realize that yet. There are lots of folks that did not go to college right after high school, for whatever reason. Later in their life, they go back and get their diplomas.

    Oh - and yeah... I figured that I would be buzzard bait. I never considered myself 'good enough' to 'survive' their big 'A'. But, I think that that is what most of the current JWs feel, if you were to get a straight answer out of them. Pretty sobering when you think about it. Here you have a religion that preaches that you won't survive 'A' if you are not one of them... and even if you are... you won't, if you're not 'good enough'. It's a no-win situation. A cause for a lot of mental misery.

    Glad I'm out of that mess.

    Now, if I could only motivate myself to go back to college... *wide grin*


    Jim TX

  • M.J.

    So sad...perpetually dangling the carrot, then blaming the poor flock for "wrong expectations". No sense of responsibility regarding how this affects the lives of all the poor folks out there. If the GB is so completely clueless about when the big A will come as their past record suggests, then they should really shut up about it altogether, don't you think?

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Hell, I thought I would be in Paradise in 1976.

  • JT

    in 1995 when the generation rug was pulled from under everyones feet, it told my wife i was leaving in 2000 regardless i would just have to de when it came-

    due to continuing to surf the net we left 2 yrs earlier 1998

  • TowerWatch
    i don't think i ever thought i was going to get in

    I thought for sure it was coming in '75 but I did't think I would make it either! No matter how hard I worked I always felt it was not enough to get me into paradise.

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