What Would A Jehovah's Witness Reality Show Be Like??

by minimus 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    ...this should be interesting!

  • gitasatsangha

    Witnesses have to act respectable in front of cameras, in order to bring glory to Jehovah. THey'd go catatonic if they knew a cam was on them all the time.

  • minimus

    Can you imagine everytime someone sneezed, looking the other way? Or being given a birthday celebration invitation and quoting how 2 people got executed because of birthdays and that's a reason we don't celebrate those pagan thangs!

  • Elsewhere

    Just a room full of PR guys and JR Brown spouting prearranged statements.

  • Tuesday

    I was actually going to create a witness character when I'm wrestling. Basically I would go out and cut these long winded promos about being close to God and that I know how to help everyone else get close to God. Then in backstage vignettes they would catch me smoking and walking in to rooms with scantily clad women...something like that. Could be an interesting character.

  • minimus

    Make the other wrestlers be elders' wives.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Pretty boring, sort of like the pod people. Unless they had hidden cameras and caught the reality behind the bland smiles, blank eyes, and bobble heads: The rumour mill, back stabbing, dirty business deals, wife and child abuse, excessive use of legal drugs like alcohol (but NOT tobacco).

    There's the Amish go to LA reality show coming out this fall. What would JW's do? Look shocked, agast, blush, and run quoting scripture and shouting "Pagans, Idolators, Fornicators!"

    Gawd, they just don't know what they're missing!


  • minimus

    I'd like to see them film a Witness "get together". See all the tipsy elders and drunk wives. All the "young people" planning their next party. And the true believers, the goody-2-shoes!

  • vitty

    There was one on the telly a few years ago, It showed two couples and how they courted.

    It also showed inside the hall as they where having a meeting the one thing noticed was how many people go in and out.

    There was one family whose car broke down and she went onto explain it was satan, he didnt want them going to the meeting, I remember cringing even then,

    It was very uncontrovertial and boring

  • PurpleV

    OK, think "Survivor."

    16 JWs stranded on a island, no food, except maybe a plate of blood sausages. Whoever broke down from sheer hunger first and ate them would be voted off.

    Ditto Memorial emblems.

    OK, for the reward challenge, the first to successfully elicit a "voluntary donation" for a book or magazine from a native islander wins a sturdy 4-door service car.

    For immunity, survivors are given 20 scriptures, whoever can quote the most of them in their entirety wins immunity. The rest... Tribal Council!!

    Another challenge would be to place Smurfs in their camps. Whoever the demons attack first wins immunity.

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