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  • hillbilly

    Sorry I got to get this out...

    Late nights I hear her calling

    the house quiet , her voice is clear

    the memories uninvited

    linger, sweet and dear

    Deep in the Cottonwoods

    late shadows creeping down

    the porch was wide and inviting

    I still see her now

    Our days were filled together

    and the nights were all to short

    We longed to melt together

    and hold each other near

    I hear her calling

    her voice is soft and clear

    the time we had together

    way to short and all too dear

  • Robdar

    So, the boy's a poet, eh?

    Nice poem, Hillbilly.



  • onacruse

    ((Dear Mr. hillbilly))

    I'm truly saddened that life and circumstance have taken this disappointing turn.

    From an old friend,


  • hillbilly

    Craig-- (i sense your worried)... just a little country song writing exercise... Life, my best pal, is good... if we let it be that way!

    I guess I'm like them locusts... stuff comes out in cycles for me.


  • hillbilly

    "Country music" is sort of an indefinite description.... so todays "country" is Albania!

  • SheilaM

    YEA Hillbilly

  • hillbilly

    The dammned thing needs a "hook" for a chorus! Thats always the hard part for me.. a good, Non-stupid, sounding hook.

    I hear strings in this arrangement too....and a little steel riff somplace...chords! i need chords!

  • hillbilly


    the great songwriter David Allen Coe points out that any good country song needs : trains, rain, prison and momma.- at a minimum Oh yea, and trucks....from memory something like this-

    " i got the drunk

    the day my momma

    got out of prison

    and i went to pick her up in the rain

    before I made to the station in the

    pickup truck

    She got runned over by a damned ole train"

    So I'll hang around as long as you will let me

    cause I never minded standin

    in the rain

    you dont have to call me darlin


    and i never minded standin

    in the rain...

  • hillbilly

    This thing would work with that Garth Brooks tune "thunder rolls"... maybe I need to tweak the meter some?

  • xenawarrior

    VERY NICE !!!!

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