Charles Russell, Alleged Child Abuser

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  • Leolaia

    Alright, I knew if I did a little bit more research, I'd find the answer. I think the following pretty much proves that Rose Ball was born around 1869. And I found all this within a half-hour of research. I thought the best day of finding out her true age would be to find her birth certificate and then correlate the new data with the earlier census data. So I went to the Victoria Registry website and for a modest fee did a search on "Rose Henninges":

    And I found "Rose Ball Henninges". And for another modest fee, I was able to get an image of her death certificate:

    This is clearly our Rose Ball Henninges, as she is the widow of Ernest Charles Henninges. She is also listed as an "Authoress," precisely what she did in the New Covenent Church. Now, note that she is listed as having been 81 years old when she died. She died on 22 November 1950. This means that she was born in 1869.

    The death certificate also states that she was born in Buffalo, New York. Armed with this new piece of data, I went back to the census data to see if I can find a Rose Ball, born in 1869, who lived in Buffalo. And indeed, there was:

    This is the 1880 census. Here we see Rose Ball, the daughter of Catherine Ball, 10 years old, living in Buffalo, New York. This means that she was born in either 1869 or 1870.

    This confirms the data in the death certificate.

  • TD

    Wow.... Bravo Leolaia!

  • AndersonsInfo

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Rose Ball Henninges died November 22, 1950 in Australia. I have her death certificate in front of me. The death certificate does not say when she was born, but that she was 81 years old at time of death.

    I also have Rose J. Ball's marriage certificate in front of me. She was married at age 26 on Sept. 11, 1897 in Buffalo, NY. Her father was Richard J. Ball and mother Elizabeth. Her brother Richard L. Ball was a witness to the marriage.

    In addition, I have a copy of a page from The New Covenant Advocate, the journal Mrs. and Mr. Henninges published in Australia. The date of the journal is January 1, 1951 where Mrs. Henninges life story is published in memorial. Paragraph two states: "Her Australian Certificate of Registration states that the date of her birth was the 19th of March 1869 which means that she has "fallen asleep" in her eighty second year.

    I have lots more information about Rose J. Ball and her family. For instance, both her father and mother were alive when she was married in 1897.
    How do I know that? I have their death certificates. Both died in 1911.

    So save your time, money for research and arguments, folks. I have the answers to all your questions about the Russells, so just wait for the book! It should be a real eye-opener!


  • minimus

    So, was CTR a "child abuser"? I doubt it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You are amazing

    Barbara Thank for the confirmation that we now have the right Rose Ball.

    This thread was started in July 2004. And it has taken this long to find the missing pieces

  • West70

    Thanks to both Leolaia and Barbara Anderson for "firmly establishing" Rose Ball's age, and clearing up this controversy.

    I am not happy with myself that I have been wrong on this issue for so long. More specifically, I am not happy that my mistake came from violating advice which I have often given others:

    "Don't believe a word Charles Taze Russell put in print when it relates to his personal life."

    Now with 20/20 vision, I look back and see that I dismissed Maria Russell's trial testimony that Rose Ball was "about 19 or 20" when she came to Allegheny based on:

    1. Charles Taze Russell's statement in the 2/12/1900 WT that Ball was "quite young" when she came to Allegheny.

    2. Charles Taze Russell's 1906 trial testimony that "she looked to be about thirteen" when she came to Allegheny. He said that he did not know how old she actually was, but that she was "a very young looking woman" who wore short dresses. When asked if Ball might have been older than 13, Russell replied that: "I heard some one say that she was only ten."

    3. Russell further acknowledged a couple of instances when Ball came crying and sat on his knee so he could console her.

    It simply did not seem to make sense that Russell could mistake a youthful looking 20 year old from a child of 13 or even 10.

    Knowing Rose Ball's true age raises even more questions, such as why did Russell continue to pose the lower age to his flunkies (Rutherford and others) after the trial despite having heard Maria's testimony as to a more accurate age.

    Can we now put an exact year as to when Ball came to Allegheny? Russell's stated in the 1900 WT that Ball came to Allegheny about 12 years prior, while Maria stated at trial that it was 12 years prior to marrying Hennings in 1897.

    Also, I cannot read the posted census. How many siblings did Ball have? Who was Richard? Charles was the brother who worked at HQ. It would appear that there is more to the story regarding Ball's following Charles to Allegheny. Was there an established relationship between Russell or Maria and the Ball's?

    At any rate, I look forward to the book to which Barabara Anderson refers.

  • Leolaia

    BTW, there was a typo in my post was the death certificate I posted, not the birth certificate.

    Barbara....Thanks for the confirmation, and especially with the clarification on the names of her parents. So it looks like there were two Rose Balls living in Buffalo, New York, born around the same year. Interesting. I did another search on her father's name and found the right family in the 1880 census, here "Rose Ball" is mispelled as "Rosa Ball".

    Here we find that Rose Ball is stated as 11 years old, which fits well with 1869 as the date of birth, and she has "Richard Ball" as her father, "Elisab. Ball" as her mother, and "Richard Ball" as her brother (along with Charles Ball and Lizzie Ball as her other siblings).

  • Leolaia

    West70....It looks like "Charles Ball" from the 1880 census was just a year older than Rose.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the three "Ball" households in Buffalo, New York, (with two daughters named Rose) were not somehow related to each other.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Good work, Leolaia. Rosa J. Ball is the name twice found on her Certificate and Record of Marriage. I have also found that she used the name Rosa at other times. You definitely have found the right "Rose" Ball. Yes, she and her brother, Charles, were one year difference in age.

    I know what year Rose came to the Russell home, West70, as well as the information about her family you are inquiring about, but I'm going to save all of that information for the book. However, regarding certain dates mentioned by both Russells in the divorce transcript, please remember this: from the time Rose came to the Russell home and the divorce in 1905, many years had passed and many traumatic events had happened to Ria. And as frequently happens to all of us years down the road, memory fails. (By the way, Ria is Maria's nickname. Also, Maria was pronounced as Moria) It was obvious from my research that this is why certain dates were not accurate. However, what is interesting, are other statements made by Ria under cross-examination, cleared up inconsistencies, etc.

    I have spent over six years putting together the Russell relationship puzzle and now have the answers to the most pressing questions. I was amazed as you will be when you read the comprehensive research I have accumulated which reveals a story that can be called, in jest of course, "The Russells -- A True Victorian Soap Opera!"

    Some background information as to why I started this project. I left the WT organization in 1998 and in 1999, I was in my second year of college. Because of the research I did for the Proclaimer's book from 1989-91, while in the Bethel Writing Department, I had a number of unanswered questions in my mind about the Russells. Karl Adams, overseer of the project, gave me the Russell divorce to read, but it was only C.T. Russell's cross-examinations, not Ria's. Also, something that Russell said in his 1905 WT article about the divorce bothered me and it had to do with Rose Ball. So I decided to find out for myself when Rose was born. It was the pivotal question for me. It would prove if Russell was honest or not. I knew that if I found out he lied about Rose's age, there would be no question that he lied about other things too.

    First, I wrote to some people who knew Rose in Australia and asked some questions. They wrote back declining to give any information claiming that Rose's past was a closed door. This type of answer made me even more suspicious. Next, I called the Protonotary office in Victoria, Australia. (Remember this was before certain information could be found using the Internet.) A very helpful young man told me it wasn't his job to search for the kind of information I requested, but he would get someone in the right department to get it. I sent the required funds and within a few weeks I had what I needed--Rose's Death Certificate, the same one that Leolaia posted on this thread today, which came to me in the mail back in 1999. When I figured out from that document approximately what year Rose was born, I decided not to continue college and the rest is history. From that day on I determined I would find out the rest of the Russell story, which I have done. What caused me to not publish the story sooner? In 2000, I became involved with other things, expecially the WT sexual child abuse scandal. So I became sidetracked from writing the Russell story, although I did continue my research about the Russells.


  • Joyzabel

    so where's "the book"?

    What is going to be the title of "the book"? and when can we expect to see it in print?

    *inquiring minds want to know*

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