what if the earth rotated backwards?

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  • Sentinel

    I don't know the technical answer in scientic terms; but I'm sure I'd get vertigo really bad and throw up a lot.


  • JH

    I guess that if you flushed your toilet, you'd see the water spinning in the other direction instead...

    oops...somebody already said that

    Well, the weather patterns would change dramatically, and the climate would be different.

  • qwerty
    Well, the weather patterns would change dramatically, and the climate would be different.

    That mean the weather in the UK would be Sunny all the time instead of rain?

  • Elsewhere

    The only change in the weather patterns would be that the low pressures would rotate clockwise and the high pressures would rotate counter clockwise? but this would cause major changes in what in experienced on the ground.

    The east to west prevailing winds would change to west to east.... and the west to east prevailing winds would change to east to west.

    One of the more noticeable differences in the US would be in the north-west states (such as Washington)... there would be a dry desert on the west side of the mountains and the east side of the mountains into the plains would have much more precipitation.

  • shera

    Wonder if that would effect the tide because of the pull would be opposite between the earth and the moon?

  • 1914

    We would need to contact the WTBS to get the correct answer. See the article entitled "New Light Concerning Rotation and how it affects the birds in the country of Zapaskrjssodfdhs". In the Awake of course.

  • shera

    I think the gravity would mess up too.

    Just some thoughts...

  • Elsewhere

    The tides would not really be affected other than the direction they came from... instead of rising from the east the tide would rise from the west.

    I'm afraid that gravity would not be affected in any noticeable way... the only thing that would change is an effect called "frame dragging". This is where space is literally warped and twisted around a rotating body. Basically space will be warped in the opposite direction that it currently is. This change would not be noticeable to anyone because the frame dragging that is around the earth is very very very VERY small. The effect is so small that nasa has recently launched a special satellite into orbit to measure it called Gravity Probe B.

    Gawd... I'm such a geek.

  • Pleasuredome

    if i knew when it was going to happen, i would get in my car and i'd be able to do 0-1,000mph in 0.1secs.

  • Terry

    There are some really wonderful books for kids that ask the kinds of questions a bright kid has to ask to nourish their intellect.

    Books on Science are absolutely necessary considering the state of our school system. If parents aren't conversant with how the universe works and the fundamentals it won't hurt to read them TO your kids.

    Take your children to the local public library (make sure they get their very own library card) and show them how to use the search function on the computer. Put SCIENCE in the subject line and behold how many books pop up. You can then walk to that section of the shelving and let your kid browse all the wonderful books available.

    I knew very little, really, about these things until I turned 40!! I started reading through Isaac Asimov's series of science, math, astronomy, history books which are written in a very conversational manner and that gave me enough foundation to start reading harder and deeper books.

    I went from thinking I was lousy in math to loving it very much.

    Incidentally, NOT knowing how things work and why makes us extremely vulnerable to claptrap and bogus beliefs, pseudoscience and RELIGIOUS CULTS!

    A little knowledge goes a long way to combatting the charlatans who are just waiting to lure a person into their control by telling a seemingly plausible tale.

    I wish you and your child a lifetime of learning and enjoyment.


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