Does any one know what C T Russell died from??

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  • frankiespeakin

    If it was something embarsing,,or something ordinary like cancer and you knew you were going to die soon,,maybe a heroic death would be something a ego-centric person would opt for?

  • gumby

    Gonna be serious this time.

    THis is only a maybe and I can't remember where I read it but......I remember reading he was somewhere other than where the society "thought" he was on that trip he took when he died. I'm not sure if there is any truth to it or not. Hopefully.....RR we see this thread and straighten our lost arses out.


  • frankiespeakin


    I think Russell sued a New York newspaper and lost over an article that's said his world preaching tours were a fraud.

  • gumby

    But......what was the truth? Hopefully someone will know a little more on that. As for his age of death.....he really wasn't out of the ordinary.


  • frankiespeakin


    Yeah the more I think about the age is not that important,, the most important thing is the silence from Macmillan who seem too have known,, from the way he writes in his book.

  • frankiespeakin

    I just want to say that 5 cents a copy for the WT back in 1916 is pretty expensive.

    Anyone desiring extra copies of the Memorial Number will please advise us immediately. Extra copies at the usual price--5c each.

    Back in those day you could buy alot with a nickle.

  • lawrence

    Yeah, one could buy for a nickel - 5 novenna candles, a Watchtower, or another religion - souls have are always been cheap. Russell died from dysentery caused by hootch made from Miracle Wheat as well as a dose of Southern clap.

  • Sweetp0985

    Maybe Rutherford ordered a hit on him. Gave him a tainted hot toddy. Sorry just in a bad mood right now...

  • truthseeker1

    Paper cuts? Maybe a big pyramid fell on him...I've seen pictures of his gravesite...

  • z2ara

    'On a train that rumbled over a Texas prairie on a fall day in 1916 '

    the article say 31 octobre 1916

    Jehovah's Witnesses: Charles T. Russell, age 64, dies on board a train. During his lifetime he reportedly preached more than 30,000 sermons and wrote books consisting of over 50,000 pages. He is buried in the Watchtower Society's burial plot in United Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (See

    'Charles Taze Russell - Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in Allegheny Pa. and founder of the WT Society'

    and now the most weird information comes from the david icke site:

    'To them watchtowers are areas of the "magical universe". The unseen realms. Russell was buried under a pyramid in the United States after being ritually killed on Halloween 1917. These leading Satanists of the Illuminati are ritually killed when their time comes in line with their obsession with ritual. To them, everything is ritual. Again and again the Jehovah's Witness church is named by survivors of trauma-based mind control as being involved in these unspeakable mind control projects.'

    the WT of 87 1/5 page 26(dutch) say that he died a traveling by train (witness service journey) and that he was led on a bed while going back to new york , and the secretary was asking him about his book.

    It looks like that the train was not really the place where he had the last breath before he died.

    WT 83 15/8 tells us on page 17 (dutch translation) that Russel suddenly unexpectingly died on tuesdaynight 31 octobre 1916.

    WT 78 15/3 say that he was during 32 years president of the WT bible and tract soc. *page 22 (

    WT 73 1/19 page 589 say that he died in the train in Pampa, Texas.

    After his death Rutherford was actually president , but it was official in januari 1917, and that was written in Russell's will , several years before. And also the names of other 4 men.

    Here is a list of satanic hollidays:

    check the death dates of the other WT presidents

    More heros dies on 31 octobre

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