I miss my friends

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  • maybesbabies

    ((((SNG)))) I hear ya sweets! Well, if you ever need some "upbuilding association", you know who to call, lol!

  • RR
    I saw a movie tonight and came home thinking about a couple old friends who are still Witnesses. I miss them something awful. I needed to write, so I wrote in my journal for a while, but I really felt the need to write them directly. So I sent them an email tonight. Thinking back over the experiences we shared, it made me cry. I wish they could understand what terrible pain was involved in leaving that organization.

    I know how that is. But in time you get over it. You know the old saying ..."out of sight, out of mind." although at times I do find myself thinking about certain "friends". One in particular, who eventually surrounded himself with "stepford JWs" you know the type, the perfect JW's The "Fred Hall's" of the world. I tried to talking to him once and dropped a few subtle hints, which I realize he had no clue. I came to the conclusion that he was better off in then out. I haven't seen him in ten years,although I have have his number and address.

    My other friends, turned out to be spies for the elders. Of all the couples we hung out with, only one are still active JW's, the others are divorced and DF'd.


  • cyber-sista


    I hear you. I had 20 years of friendships go down the tubes in the past year. It is a grieving process for sure. It seems surreal sometimes to think that people who professed to be my best friends in the whole world have turned their backs on me in the blink of an eye. The JW religion does not practice nor promote the true meaning of friendship. The only thing we can do is to seek out those who do. There are some incredible people out there and those who are capable of being loyal friends.

    Your friend,


  • shamus

    It's kind of funny. When times change, your friends change too. I miss the good old times that we used to have, but the few that are still in are so trapped, and so alien to me. When I speak to them, it's like a relief that I don't speak the same way.

    Everything is based on the religion. The way they speak, the disappointment of dreams that are not coming true.

    They have they're own families now, and still get together and get pissed drunk. One day when I get down where I used to live, I will look them up and have a beer. (I'm not DF'd or anything to my knowledge. you never know though). But they are not the same people now. We can talk of the good old days, but that's about it. They know what I think of the dubulya's. I told them that I will never go back, no matter what. I just don't believe it anymore.

    Life goes on. Looking back sometimes causes more grief. There are new friends and new times ahead. It's been about 8 years now for me, and I don't regret leaving the religion one bit. Nor do I regret the change in friends that I needed to make.

  • joannadandy

    I can relate...

  • Lostreality

    *pats on back* Sorry bro. I know it can be tough...but the good times are right around the corner! If you ever need to hang out with some x-jdubs, then come on down to beaverton! i'll get a few of them over here!

  • ast370

    I miss very few of my old friends, all of the others turned out to be turds.

  • Im suffering
    Im suffering

    It's not because you left the religion, it's because you're a quitter, who wants a friend they can't rely on? I don't.

  • RandomTask

    Rehab is for quitters

  • LittleToe

    Im suffering:
    Very few people make me want to slap them upside the head...
    ...You just joined the ranks of those that I desire to give a Glasgow kiss.


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