Why was the Kingdom Interlinear Translation published?

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  • onacruse


    Until recently I spent more than a year in boycott as I talk with my feet when my mouth is ineffective.

    That is one of the things that endears you to me; your posts on this db have made it clear that you are a THINKING person, even as you sincerely struggle with issues regarding exJWism.

    I will always respect that, in anybody.

    Sorry if I'm getting a off-topic here, but this touches my heart:

    We can spend so much time researching issues, studying languages, examining history, exploring psychological issues, castigating the WTS (or the Mormons, SDAs, Christian Scientologists, Muslims, Buddhists, Bible Stidents, etc etc etc), c/p-ing old WTS writings, antagonizing each other on a db; and we can speculate about why the WTS published the KIT (most all of us, certainly including me, that really have no real evidence about why they did so)...but what is it that really matters?

    imho, it's self-honesty that matters above and beyond all.

    Now I'll get off my soap-box. LOL

  • FairMind

    Does the WTBTS still make other Bible translations and the KIT available to the congregations? In any event the KIT translation is a good tool for proving that God's name was apparently not used by the writers of the Christian Greek scriptures. Seems that the WTS is guilty of "adding to" in that they replaced original Greek words meaning Lord and God with "Jehovah". In fact some of these changes cause scriptures speaking of Jesus to appear as if the are referring to Jehovah God. So, I would be surprised if they have not retired this little Jewel.


  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    While I respect your credentials, your comment that:

    "The reason why the KIT of the NWT'S Greek Scriptures was published was an earnest effort by ther NWT Committee to help lovers of God;s Word to get acquainted with the contents of the original Koine Greek text of the Christian Greek Scriptures."

    is in error, in that "lover's of God's Word" would know that acquaintance with ".... scriptures"... is... for the most part, moot. God's Word himself said so. They would know that it is love of that Word, versus the scriptures (and the Bible!) is the entire point OF the scriptures and Bible.

    I must ask you to step aside from your credentials for a moment... if you condescend to do so... and use your own intelligence... scholarly or otherwise... to consider the following verses from the "Christian Greek Scriptures". You may even comment on them, if you wish. John 1:14 and Revelation 19:13 John 5:39, 40 Luke 24:27, 44, 45

    For according to these, neither is the Bible "God's Word" or the Christian Greek Scriptures... scripture.

    I bid you, take note, dear one: neither God's Word nor scripture is what earthling man says it is or deems it to be, but that which God says he and it is. And all of the credentials in the world... cannot teach you the truth of that. Only God's Word... His Son and Christ... my Lord... JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... can and will. All you need do... is ask.

    Again, I bid you the greatest of peace.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • lawrence

    I read Koine Greek and Hebrew, and was thankful for the KIT's existence - as 'Deleted' stated, I was able to read the text during meetings and disappear from Sister Googie's Tract Presentation and Brother Mushmouth's KM speaches. The numerous changes to the Divine Name are unquestionable in the volume!

  • gitasatsangha

    I had a KIT. Wish I still had it, actually, it was interesting.

  • Earnest
    Speaking of the KIT, I remember reading on this board that somebody was doing a project of comparing the two versions to see what they changed.

    Yes, I remember that. Dansk asked for forum members to donate copies of KIT so that a team in Cambridge which "consists of about 5 eminent scholars well versed in Greek" could evaluate them. As far as I know we have heard nothing since. Any offers ?


  • lawrence

    I can read Hebrew and Greek a hell of a lot better than Freddie Franz,

    the speak to his shoes president, the shuffle mumbo theocratic man.

    I would be in on working on a book, or a few books of Scripture, with a group of people to do the comparisons of text, translation, and interpretation - as long as each of us had final say regarding what we found. A collaborative, with multiple spirits. If interested send me a message.

  • lawrence

    Has anyone heard from Dansk, Cambridge, or others if this "committee" was formed to do a comparison of the 2 KITs? Is anyone interested in working on a comparison of say Acts, Romans, and Hebrews to begin? Also, does the new KIT live on the CD that is actively discussed in the realms of "Copyright"?

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