Idea for when "Beware the Voice of Strangers" is studied

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  • joenobody

    After reading the "Beware the Voice of Strangers" article, a thought occurred to me. It has been suggested in the past that a number of board members ought to attend a particular meeting all on the same day.

    Why not on the Sunday when this article is studied? Tell me that wouldn't be a major statement that might give the R&F anything from the heebie jeebies to actual pause for thought about the tripe they are being fed.


  • DaCheech

    They can't kick you out!

    Probably best to skip talk & come during song, so they will see this & no preparation can be made

  • Farkel

    : It has been suggested in the past that a number of board members ought to attend a particular meeting all on the same day.

    :Why not on the Sunday when this article is studied?

    The irony of the whole article was that the very men 6 million dubs trust with their futures, families and lives are total strangers to them. They are strangers locked up in their ivory tower in Brooklyn who refuse to give interviews, refuse to answer questions from reporters and who refused to face their accusers at the recent SilentLambs march in Brooklyn. Very few dubs know them, have met them, or have even seen them in person.

    What freaking hyporcrites they are.


  • Bubbamar

    Great idea!!! When and where?? I'll go. But I'm NOT wearing a dress!!!!!!!

  • seattleniceguy

    Very interesting concept, Joe. It would probably seem pretty strange to them, especially if many came and sat together.

    Ooh, ooh, how about this: you come with a couple 12"x12" cards with extremely legible type on them that allow you to "comment" on various aspects of the article. For example, you could sit at the front, and hold a sign up briefly that says "FALSE GENERALIZATION."

    Wait, how about a shirt that says, "Ask me about cult mind control" on the front and the back. You could come in late and walk all the way to the front of the hall really slowly. That'd be great.


  • joenobody

    I like SeattleNiceGuys placard silent comments idea!

    Farkel - you nailed in on the head too about the GB being total strangers to the Rank and File.

  • avishai

    Hey, if your in a town where they don't know you, you could actually answer at the WT study. Say, "Well, brothers, the article IS right, because, no, it was'nt during wwII, it was in 1934. See? Here is a quote from the 1934 yearbook explicitly upholding Germanys ideals and a letter from the President of the WT to the German govt.

    I'm up for it!!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    seattle: great idea have a tee shirt printed up, ask me about cult mind control. buttons would be nice also. i take 5 of those shirts. you guys are to much . i would be great to get group of local apostates together. and all go to the wt study and totally freak out the dubs with some of our answers. any one in the bronx or lower westchester area , like to go with me. i'll do it. john

  • Billygoat

    That's a great idea! Dallas folk? Anyone up for an invasion?

  • Nosferatu

    If we're going to have an invasion, do it the right way. Send letters out to all the congregations in your cities saying:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters:
    On (insert date of WT study here) you will be warmly accompanied by some friendly apostates who will be attending the meeting. We look forward to sharing our good news with the congregation!

    Sending our warm Christian love,
    Apostates Organized

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