Yay ... another exam out the way, just one more to go !

by Simon 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • dorothy

    Yay Simon! I'm writing exams too, I feel your pain.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Congratulations, Simon. I really respect how hard that you and Angharad are working to improve your future. If anyone deserves to immigrate, your family does.

  • Simon
    Is that a four year degree? Where do you want to emigrate to?

    I should be able to do it in 3 I think (I'm impatient!). You need 360 points for a degree and most courses are 30 or 60 in a year (30 points is rated as about 8 hours study a week). I'm doing 120 in the first eyar which is the equivalent of attending full-time classes as this will give me a Diploma and the needed immigration points.

    We're planning on moving to Canada !

  • Simon
    If anyone deserves to immigrate, your family does.

    Thanks. We're looking forward to it and the kids are very enthusiastic about it as well. We look forward to being able to invite you down for a visit !

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    That's really great! Being in Canada would make sure you're always on top of the Americans!

    I'm working full time and am struggling to do one unit a Semester! That makes it 12 years to do a 3 year degree... better pull the finger out - maybe unplug JWD :-) I think Aust has reduced the immigration points for skilled people since unemployment is at an all time low and economy growing 4 or 5% pa.

    Good luck!

  • Cicatrix

    Congratulations, Simon, and best wishes for your future classes as well.

    I just went to the college here and submitted my entrance application yesterday.I'm scheduled to take my entrance exams next week.

    I had to take a semester off due to moving, and I've missed being in school horribly.One of my main post JW goals is to get an education,both for my own benefit and to set an example for my children (and grandson, lol).

    I take my children to the campus with me at least once a semester.They have helped with service projects on campus. I even arranged to have one of them sit in one of my classes for an evening, to see what college is like (now all the others want to do it, too, lol). My mother did this for me when I was eight, and I always wanted to attend college after that. It just took me a little while longer than I expected to get there;)

    So now, I'm going to study nursing (had to change my major from teaching, because I can't afford to go to school for five more years), work until they force me to retire, then in my retirement I plan to go back to college and get a degree in art:)

    Good luck to you and Angharad on your immigration plans. Have you chosen where you will live in Canada?

  • Simon

    Yes, I think it's good to get your kids enthusiastic about school and learning. It really is the best thing you can give them.

    Have you chosen where you will live in Canada?

    We're hoping to the Calgary area as it should have opportunities for my kind of work and I have relatives in Lethbridge. It's also a very beautiful city and not too far from the Rockies ... what more could you want ?!

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