spirtual growth at greatist peak

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  • gdt

    wow...what a bunch of cynics we have here...is it becoming or not? and how many of you would just love to see what you once believed in destroyed? surely not. is it not better just to walk away if you have to, but do so in peace than nurture resentment? cheers, gdt

  • Farkel

    : i asked if she really believes that and she mentioned all the new congregations in sacramento and auburn area and said the baptisim was so full they had to extend the lunch period

    I go by the KH on Sylvan Road in Citrus Heights all the time. On Sundays during the meetings I see thirty cars. TOPS. On Saturday and Sunday mornings for weekened field service, I see three to eight cars.

    I think she is blowing smoke. Ask her how many people were actually baptized.


  • Sirona

    I'm wondering if this so called growth has anything to do with the changes in policy on preaching hours. Now you can be a "publisher" with just 15 minutes a month of preaching. Isn't that making it easier to join? An interested person is rushed through the book in 6 months and then sent out into field service - and if they want to they can preach for 1/2 hour a month and still be approved for baptism.


  • LittleToe

    If you want an honest opinion, from someone who is probably one of the least judgemental persons you are likely to meet on this planet, barring the Dalai Lama:

    I'll be glad when every cult is abolished. The JW's are only on the top of my list because I've had personal dealings with them, and my family are still trapped.

    It's got nothing to do with cynicism or resentment, but more to do with regard for the quality of human life...

  • Joker10

    Do you know now how many attended and how many were really baptized?

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