Update after talking to family services.

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    I rang family services this afternoon.

    The woman I spoke to was very helpful and honest.

    Firstly I told her I had rung because the person that abused my child had been seen by me pushing a toddler in a pram and by a friend of mine tickling and touching children at the meetings. I expressed how fearful I am for the children in the congo.

    She wanted the pedos name, my name, my kid's name etc. She asked what he did to my kid and when I told her she said he was an abuser..........NO KIDDING! She took down notes as I told the horrible story of what had happened. I also told her it was with the dubs.

    After a very long conversation, not excluding one detail, she said that she was extremely concerned but the reality is that legally, for them to take action, i need to present facts. Even though i saw him with a kid in the pram it's not enough. For anything to be investigated about the tickling, which she really would love to do, the sister who saw it needs to report it. She presented all the legal reasons why they can't do much FOR NOW but she did document everything I reported so that it is there for action to be taken any time his name is reported. Unless I see him actually doing something myself, I can't do anything. She did say though, that if I wanted to there is no reason why I can't give the family of the little kids warning. And she encouraged me to do it. She did warn me to be careful and not do anything that could make me appear vindictive, fanatical, obsessed or angry because that might discredit me and make it harder to be believed. And of course, because he wasn't convicted I need to be careful to not get done for slander and make the pedo the victim.

    So I have come away from all this with a few clear points in my mind.

    1. the pedo saw me and knows I'm aware of him and what he's up too.
    2. i informed an x elder who was involved in his case and i put the resposability on him to do and say something.
    3. i have spoken to the relevant authorities and given them all the necessary information about him for what it's worth.
    4. i received advice from qualified persons.
    5. i reminded the sister of what that pedo is capable of and that he will do it again, putting some responsability on her.
    6. i WILL warn the family about the pedo.
    7. in the past i told quite a lot of dubs what the pedo did to my kid.
    8. and i have done everything to protect MY CHILD.

    At the end of the day I have done ALL I can do. Remember, the dubs are sick and if they don't want to believe bro. ***** is a pedo, they won't. When my child was abused and the elders weren't protecting other kids, I put my neck on the block and warned some mothers. The outcome was that 2 sisters gave false evidence at my jc that ended in my df'ing. So I got punished for trying to help and then all my warnings were seen as slander and gossip. I don't believe I can do much more without getting into legal problems. And if I did the flyers on cars the dubs would see it as an attack on god's name etc..........and they'ld get off on persecution complex.

    I have cast out enough seeds for discerning, caring, loving, intelligent parents to stay alert. I did what I had to do for my kid and I have done what I can for theirs. But it is up to them to offer a safe environment to their kids, I can't do that and I'm not responsible for it.

    I WILL never over look anything to do with child sexual abuse............and I am that pedo's torment. Any info I get my hands on that can nail that arse'ole I will delight in passing onto the authorities. Until then, I must be patient and leave it up to 'the parents', hoping they will protect their innocent children.

    Please share your opinions.

    You are great friends, thank you.

    Cheers, Bliss

  • Sirona


    You have done all you can do and I think what you have done is GREAT!


  • Jim_TX


    What you have said is most sensible.

    I was worried about the 'flyers' idea - or any other idea that makes it look like the JWs are being 'persecuted'. (Sheesh!)

    You can be this man's 'nightmare' by being his shadow. He will ALWAYS be looking over his shoulder.

    Good Luck,

    Jim TX

  • lisavegas420

    Bliss,,,,you have done good...

    How are you going to go about warning the other mother? Will you write her a letter, call her, or perhaps show up at her door?

    Will you show her anything else, like the Silent Lambs Site?

    If I was the other mother, I would want to know all you had to say, and would be eternelly grateful.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    It sounds like you got some great advice.

    The reality is you can only do so much if people want to keep their head in the sand.

  • kls

    You should feel proud, you have done all you can and you need have no regrets. You warned Family Services so if anything were to happen they know they were warned.,,,,,Good for you

  • Sassy

    Bliss, sounds like you took the right steps.. unfortunately some things are out of your hands.... which totally sucks

  • BrendaCloutier


    You have done all the right things. Pat yourself on the back. Here, lemme pat you on the back! You've taken your responsiblity as far as you can, and have not taken on the responsibilities of others. It's really tough to know where to draw the line.

    Do you have a camera, or even a video camera? If taken in a public place, it's not spying.



  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Good for you, Bliss! I'm happy to hear someone is doing something about this problem.

    The elders sure won't!


  • SheilaM

    ((((((((Bliss))))))))) You have done much more than most...I'm all for running him down but that is highly illegal LOL I really don't think there is much more you can do

    Maybe you could wear some gloves and carefully place flyers (at night) on all vehicles in the kingdom hall with the facts of his abuse....

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