Let's take pictures of Kingdom Halls!

by Nosferatu 69 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gadget
    You both need to go in one and partake of the meeting, so to speak. I bet they would freak out if Valius walked in, LOLLOL!!!

    We tried, but they must have heard us coming and had a jc waiting for him.........

  • Gadget

    The Judicial committee was brutal (Well, it was for them anyway) and after all that excitement he needed to go lie down low for a while and relax.

  • Thirdson


    I have been to one of the local Kingdom Halls, the one that was replaced by the one you helped build. That one was an old Wesleyan Chapel.

    You know what I mean?


  • Stephanus


    Bulli/Austinmer Kingdom Hall - photo taken after a fire a few years ago. Last time I went past, it was pretty well in much the same state, but every Dub I ask claiims that its "quick" rebuild is very much on the cards!

  • Gadget

    Thirdson, this isn't the one you mean, but I think its pretty popular in my area to use a converted church. Here he is desecrating another one, the demons were everywhere.

  • Gadget

    Here we go, the beers and other spiritual food have been flowing well, lets have a sweepstake on how many kingdom halls we passed on Valis's tour of Durham.........

    First prize to be arranged................

  • Gadget

    No Takers? Did I mention we got to make a few return visits too?

  • Gadget

    Knock knock

    Whos there?


    Valis who?

    The District Overbeer!

    We're having a bit fun partying here, if you hadn't noticed.............

  • Sassy

    is that what you did on vacation Valis??? visited all the KHs??

    what a hot date!

  • ScoobySnax

    So Valis came all the way over here for you to take him on a tour of the local Kingdom Halls, so he could stand outside them, in his dreadlocked way for a pose. Uh-huh. I get it. I think. Lovely.

    What a vacation. I'm off to a greek island this year, still whatever floats your boat I guess.

    Last I heard of Valis he was observing burning WT mags in the park and at the bus stop with photos to prove it.

    Oh dear.

    Send him down to Kent when you're done with him. I have plans to see him off.


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