Reinstatement, how to go about it.

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  • RR
    Does anybody know how I go about this and how long it can take?

    That depends on you.

    First you have to get on your hands and knees and crawl with tears in your eyes, whipping yourself on the back with that little hand held whip with the little spike balls on the ends, begging forgiveness, like the little child about to get his butt whooped "please, I'll never do it again." And after lick-shining the body of elders shoes they may decide to forgive you. And don't forget to tatoo on your forehead "1914", that's a plus, shows how serious you are!


  • the mole
    the mole

    hi...i totally understand your position...i have written many times on my family here and the struggles i had being pressured to return..its going on two years now since i have been kids were a factor for these thoughts but im lucky because they are much older and are able to comprehend my decision..four generations sucked into one of the greatest lies in the last century for religions go..when i decided to leave it was so hard..i just made m.s. then to leave shocked my family and will get better and true friends you will find.. i promise....this is how they keep people in check to keep the afraid of the loss and feelings of betrayal to make you stay and comform....this is why so many call it a cult..same tactics same old game...good luck

  • Lehaa
    If you used to have good connections, or if your family are some of the heavies in the congregation, they'll reinstate you quickly. When I started attending meetings again I was reinstated in 3 months!

    That's me biggest problem, my family are all heavies within the borg, mostly Elders, Ms's or married to one. My grandfather is one of the BIG heavies in the Australian Bethel.

    When I was DF'ed the elders told me that it would only take me a few months to become reinstated.

    I have no intention of letting my kids miss out on stuff just because of the JW religion.

    There father is still a JW so he'll take them to assemblies etc, if they want to go. My trouble is the only family I really care about is my sister, she's just had a baby that's probably whats getting to me. Missing out on seeing her just because I'm DF'ed. I might give it a while longer and see what her stance on the whole thing is.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    "That's me biggest problem, my family are all heavies within the borg, mostly Elders, Ms's or married to one. My grandfather is one of the BIG heavies in the Australian Bethel."

    Ahh... it's not Lehaa, it's 'Princess Leia of the WT Kingdom' :-)

    Yeah, you'd be back quick given your standing... but, how long for? You'd be marked for life and crucified when you deviate from the party line in the slightest.

    Set the example for your family in outing yourself! Be proud! We should have an XJW float in the G&L Madi Gras!!!

    I went to Ingleburn twice. The second time it gave me the creeps, I was on the way out back then. I smited them in the eye in the most painful manner to them... I declined a contribution for staying there two nights. They showed me where the contribution box was about five times just to be subtle about it. They never knew I didn't put in, but I did!!

    But it was also the first time I saw the Internet - a guy had a machine down in the bowls of the place watching a promo clip from CNN, over and over again... he was about the only sane one I met there.

    They had cumquats for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the ritual over prayers and talks and who eats first and all that was unsettling.

    I met a few of the big boys over time. Bill Whitehead - I think he ended up there later on - he was a good guy. When I was only young he'd remember my name from year to year at the DC and ask how things were. It was almost like he was interested! I think it was his brother, another good guy, who got DF'd while he was our CO in WA.

    I can't remember many of the others names... blocked out?? Mostly they gave me the creeps anyhow, and I couldn't wait to get out of their company. I rarely heard a good word about any of them from people in the know.


    I'm so glad I'm unequivicly (sp?) out, OUT, OUT!!!


  • avishai
    but because it just makes thinks easier all round for my kids, 2 and 6,

    Being raised in this religion caused me more hassle, heartach and pain than you can ever imagine. And that's not just the shunning, forbidding of secondary education, etc. It's my brother being molested, having it covered over. last week he had a dub say he should forgive and forget, even when the elders and wts are still doing it. It was being beat up in school for bullshit beliefs. It was being tired and hassled ALLL THE TIME because of spending an average of thirty hours a week on JW stuff. That's damn near a full time job. Count it out. Meetings, studying, field service, etc. And you want to subject your kids to that? You want to make your own children sell magazines for a corrupt publishing co that kills 3 people a day due to it's insane blood policies. with no pay on a weekly basis? What the hell are you thinking? You want to raise them with what you know and admit are lies? Regardless as to what you tell them later, they'll resent that and see it as being ok to live a ie, or hate you for not "believing in Jehovah" .

    I could NEVER subject my children to that. No matter how high I was. I think it's a rotten idea to parent that way.

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