Dangerous sex offender

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  • avishai
    And wouldn't that be a violation of parole?

    Sadly, no. she said he seved his full time.

    and already he has been reported boasting about how next time he rapes a woman, she won't live to tell

    See, if he was on parole, this would be enough to get him back in jail. But, once again.....

    This is why guy's like this need to be put down by the law. Not locked up for 2o yrs.

  • Cassiline
    A man convicted of sexual assault who served his maximum term without completing sex offender treatment has been released from prison and is living in Bellows Falls.

    Daniel Dean Emerson, 42, posted a $1,000 bail early Thursday morning related to a simple assault charge stemming from an incident at the Southern State Correctional Facility, where he was being held.

    Under the conditions of his release Emerson must report to the Bellows Falls Police Department twice a day. Emerson has family in the area, but details about Emerson's living arrangements cannot be released to the public.

    Emerson was convicted of raping a woman in May 1984 and was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. It was his third sexual assault conviction. He has served his maximum term without completing sex offender treatment,http://wbz1030.com/vtnews/VT--OffendersRelease-en/resources_news_html

    Why the hell is he allowed to walk the streets? Makes no sense to me. This is an invtation for him to re-offend IMO. And he never completed his treatment. Good god we have guys in prison serving 10 year sentences for possession of dope, if they re-offend it's most likely a third strike for him. But go ahead and let a sexual predator out into the public.

    Im sorry Celia you have to be near this ass, hugs and good safe thoughts your way.


  • xenawarrior


    I would suggest that you get yourself a gun and learn how to use it. Thing with that is - you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would use it.


  • Sunspot

    I saw something on TV recently that might be helpful. Always carry keys in the pocket of shorts, slacks etc. They can be hidden easily and are extremely painful when shoved up an assailant's nose or poked in his eyes.

    I wish that I could offer more in the way of ideas.........I AM upset by the police allowing him to be back in the community as he is, and not being of much help until AFTER he has committed another crime. Unbelievable!



  • Celia

    We do have guns in the house. I have never used one and would have to learn and practice. Besides, what use is a gun if locked away in a cabinet, unloaded.... if the creep barged into the house, I would not have the time to get the gun and load it... I may go out and buy some pepper spray or a stun gun. Some neighbors have. One neighbor whose husband works night from time to time, refuses to stay home alone and goes sleep at a friend's house.

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