The Purpose of Beth Sarim

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  • VM44

    Beth Sarim, the house in San Diego Rutherford had built and lived in.

    From the Proclaimers book, page 76,

    A few years after Brother Rutherford?s death, the board of directors of the Watch Tower Society decided to sell Beth-Sarim. Why? "The Watchtower" of December 15, 1947, explained: "It had fully served its purpose and was now only serving as a monument quite expensive to keep; our faith in the return of the men of old time whom the King Christ Jesus will make princes in ALL the earth (not merely in California) is based, not upon that house Beth-Sarim, but upon God?s Word of promise."

    But, did the Watchtower of December 15,1947 state what was the purpose Beth-Sarim had fully served?

    Did the Watchtower state that the house was for Rutherford's exclusive use?


  • Gerard

    I have no access to old mags, but I found this :

    Before the publication of their latest history, Jehovah?s Witnesses ? Proclaimers of God?s Kingdom (1993), most Jehovah?s Witnesses probably had never heard of Beth-Sarim (Hebrew for "House of the Princes") nor seen a photo of the San Diego mansion. The book contains a brief treatment explaining its use and the purpose of its construction, refers to the deed, mentions the belief in the pre-Armageddon resurrection of the princes ("adjusted in 1950"), and the decision in 1947 to dispose of the property. The picture of the residence in the book was probably taken in 1947 (see figure 1). 1
    Commenting on the Proclaimers coverage of Beth-Sarim, one reviewer concludes that the "book now provides more information, but still falls short of telling the whole truth." 4 Another observer says it presents a "thoroughly sanitized and misleading description of Beth-Sarim." 5
  • TresHappy

    I heard that Judge Rutherford died at Beth Sarim. Is that just another JW urban legend?

  • freedom96

    I'll have to find the picture my wife and I took of the house about 6 months ago. I bet most witnesses still have never thought about or heard about Beth Sarim.

  • JT
  • VM44

    If anyone has the December 15,1947 Watchtower, please post the statement about Beth Sarim.

    This 1947 Beth-Sarim reference has not been published since then as far as I know (other than the small segment in the Proclaimers book)

    It will be interesting to read exactly what they wrote in 1947, and compare it with what they wrote in 1929, when they published the deed assigning the house to Rutherford for his exclusive use, until the ancient worthies showed up to claim it! (People actually believed this???!!!)

    I still say that this was a scam, using the assets of a religious organization to benefit a single individual, Rutherford! I do not believe someone could get away with such a deal today.


  • Mary

    Actually, I've got one of Rutherford's books from the '20s or '30s explaining in black and white that the house of Beth Sarim was for when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were resurrected. Needless to say, this drew great laughter from "the world", but not to worry, because just as soon as these guys were resurrected, Jehovah would make sure that this testimony would make these worldlings "nash their teeth" due to their lack of faith........... I'll try to remember to get it out tonight, and I'll post the quotes.

  • Sweetp0985

    I read that somewhere too that Beth Sarim was for Abraham and others to live in when they were resurrected. I wonder if it was "New Light" or embarassment that made them to sell the house.

  • undercover

    This might be a bit off topic but since it involves Da Judge I'll ask anyway.

    Is there anywhere online that has the entire transcript of the speech that he gave where he claimed, "Millions Now Living Will Never Die?" I seem to remember that he made some other hair-brained claims that have since been overshadowed by the "million dub march" to death instead of paradise earth.

  • shamus

    I recall Farkel had some interesting threads on Beth Sharim, or at least has some interesting tidbits of info on it.

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