Running thru the Sprinklers

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  • Mac

    Hmmmmmmmm...........last time I ran through a sprinkler I was 5 or 6 years of age. It was one of those high speed rotary types with the two steel tubes with the projecting jets running down the length of each..I tried to stop it with my foot!!!

    The scars have since healed but I've not even so much as ventured into a shower since that great was my trauma. I can do drinking fountains on good days providing someone else holds the button down and I utilize a dixie cup.

    mac,runs with scissors class

  • Special K
    Special K

    Nice thread Sally

    We have one of those Alligator/crocodile slides.

    A long sheet of plastic about 4 feet wide with a hoop that goes over it about 3/4 ways up. You hook the hose up to the hoop and the water goes through it and shoots water in both directions up and down the slide... to keep everything wet and slippery. Hanging down from the hoop is a crocodile big mouth.

    So, you get a good run on and once you hit the sheet of wet plastic you jump and torpedoe head first..sliding..zooom.. and rocket through the crocodiles mouth into a small pool of water. YEAH!!!! Next.

    Kids are the best.

    Special K

  • Lehaa

    Yep, love it. Want to go now, bit chilli here though, middle of winter.

    This is my favourite painting at the moment.

    It's by an artist called Amanda Dunbar.

  • simplesally

    Lehaa, Great picture. You shoulda seen her, she ended up dancing and Shaking it Like a Polaroid Picture right over the sprinkler. She had a blast when she would lay on the sprinkler and then try to get away!!

    Sally, of the had no batteries in the cam-corder classs

  • Special K
    Special K

    Yes, Lehaa

    I love that picture.

    I wouldn't mind having a big print of that one.

    It's a "feel good" picture. It's shows emotion...

    Special K

  • Elsewhere

    Those little wading pools are great for the beach or lakes... bring it out into the water and it makes a GREAT boat!

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