How much was your..........

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  • zev

    would you like to hazzard a guess what it cost for electricity in a raised ranch, finished basement, 4 of us living here, EVERYTHING is electric...... heat, lights, stoves, 5 air conditioners, 3 tv's 2 kitchens, bathrooms, ect....everything is double. the lower level is a completely furnished apartment. :-) don't guess to low now..... after all this IS Blackstone Electric after all :-)

  • Billygoat


    Your post prompted me to call our energy company to see about our electric bills. They also have average billing plans. (Where they take the whole last year's average and bill you that same amount every month. It's the same amount of money for the year, but it makes September's AC bill a little more bearable since you're paying everything out over 12 months.) BTW - the highest this address has had is $190/month in August - 3br/2ba/large cathedral living area.


  • RR

    My light bill is always less than 75.00 we don't have air conditioning. The wiring in this house is all screwed up, that airconditioners don't work. Although we're opting for central air next year. So ask me again this time next year :)

    When we lived in PA. everthing was electric, oven, heat, etc. We got hit with a 400.00 a month bill during the winter months.


  • Sassy

    I think ours was $200.........which I need to pay..

    we have to try and avoid the air condioning more I think............. :(

  • simplesally

    Once you have been in the same residence for a year, they can figure out what your average bill. So they divide the annual by 12 and pay the same every month.

    My bill is about 100 for electricity, 70 for water and trash every other month and about 40 for gas.......gas stove, gas dryer. When I was with my ex, and his kids were here day in and day out during the summer, it was about 200 a month during the summer.......they are from Alaska and went out in the evening cooler hours, inside during the heat.......I was mad, told them all to go to a mall cuz 200 was too durn expensive!!!

  • Stefanie

    Thanks BG I am going to call on monday.

    And Thanks to everybody for showing me its not supposed to be that expensive.

  • shamus

    2 months = $240.00 in winter.. electric everything.

    2 months in summer = $120.00

    Canadian funds... in u.s. funds that would be about half.

  • WildHorses

    My light bill runs from $120 to $140 per month and that's with total electric. I also have a yard light.

  • Mulan
    They also have average billing plans.

    They call that the budget plan in our electric area.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    egads That is highway robbery

    Here I am in Canada in the city called Winterpeg that gets -40 C for weeks at a time in the winter YES that was minus 40 C and winter here goes from Oct to ... well we had snow in May this year

    Our budget plan is 100$ /month

    gas stove and gas dryer and water heater not included

    BUT we have a drafty 100 yr old house that is poorly insulated and no air conditioning in the summer

    we have a TV and 2 computers running almost constantly - we do turn off the lights when we leave a room

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