How much was your..........

by Stefanie 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stefanie

    Is that like a discount, or will I have to pay it back later?

    Either way i predict a 500 bill by Sept! With school starting back up Its going to be really tight if i have to keep paying those rates!

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I lived in Florida 1970-1979 the electric( actually AC) bill nearly always matched our monthly rent.My dysfunctional JW father took the 'geographical cure' to Florida to run away from his troubles.

    Ya know,where ever you go there you are!

    Now,i live in Bangor Maine I'll take Bangor anyday.

  • Princess

    Is that a monthly rate Stefanie? Mine was $133 for two months...we have a gas furnace, water heater and dryer so it still seems kind of high to me.

  • DanTheMan

    My electric bill was $12 last month. But I live alone and walk around my house in nothing but shorts a lot of the time. If I was living with a fair lady of course I would probably have things a little more comfortable. Fortunately summer hasn't been that god-awful here in Ohio yet. I've turned on the a/c a few times over the past couple of weeks, but I don't expect my next bill to be too bad either.

  • Stefanie

    Yes, it was this billing cycle.

    My current blames that fact that we leave the tv on while we are out.

  • Stefanie
    My electric bill was $12 last month

    Lets Trade!

  • JH

    $530 a year.

  • Stefanie
  • SheilaM

    Stefanie: You should be able to be on a level pay plan...ours is not ever more than $150.00 or so and that is without level pay

  • drwtsn32

    Ours varies... the most recent bill was $150 but the previous month's was $90. Probably had something to do with the temperature getting over 100 degrees!

    We leave our computers on all the time, so I know that doesn't help. I got one of those devices that measures the actual power used by a device. My computer alone uses $8/mo worth of power. lol

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