A question for those recruited as adults

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  • kls

    It is sad to read some of lives the that have changed because of a cult. What these people could have become and what the wet-tower has taken away. The transformation is unreal and stomach wrenching, it is like having a person with double personalities, and the wet-tower makes sure the cult part shines through.

    It is no more then having your mind stolen and reprogramed.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    I dont remember my parents before being JW's but I do know that before I was born (1965) my parents were not JW's. I also vaguely remember when I was 3 yrs old some JW had an in-home "bible" study with my parents which apparrantly started the ball to rolling. I left the cult when I was 15.

    I am a Freemason and a few months ago one of the members of our Blue Lodge asked how my parents were. My parents are retired school teachers. He told me stories of how, before I was born, my parents were active socially and well liked. He had been a student of both my mom and dad years before I was born. He told me that when he was a kid he would run into my mom and dad out shopping on the weekends and they would invite him to a soda at the local drugstore (late 1950's mind you). From what my fellow lodge brother related, this was a pretty regular occurrance with my parents -- always inviting friends, students, student's parents, etc. out for a soda at the drugstore. My mom used to take the neighbor kids sledding when it snowed and school was called off, and my dad coached softball, basketball, and volleyball -- both school teams and summer leagues -- and even played ball with my mom on a husband & wife softball team.

    Of course, all I could say was, "are you sure it's MY mom and dad you're talking about?" Since I was raised a JW I NEVER saw my parents do anything remotely "normal." In fact, growing up, I got the impression that all they lived for was to hate anyone outside the cult (albeit quietly and words spoken behind the worldly folk's backs) and the "soon to come" kingdom. I wish I could have seen my folks when they were normal and fun and not blinded by hate.

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