"This Land" featuring John Kerry & George Bush

by Sirius Dogma 14 Replies latest social humour

  • wednesday

    i enjoyed this so much i sent an E-mail to the guys who wrote it. got a very nice reply back. They say they are being overwhelmed by the response to this. i've seen it on TV. anyway it was nice to laugh at it all and not be serious for a minute.

  • blaze


    what do "flip-flops" and "botox" mean? thanks

  • Leolaia

    "flip-flops" are things you wear on your feet, and "botox" refers to your little hiney...

  • blaze

    I consult the dictionary that flip-flop means sandal, wich also refers to a reversal, as of a stand or position. but I still don't get botox

  • robert28
    what do..."botox" mean?

    In reality, it's a poison made from botulism. However, in this case it's used clinically in small quantities by cosmetic surgeons to temporarily smooth neck lines, ? Crow's Feet?, frown lines, nasal l ines, forehead wrinkles, etc., by injecting it into those lines and/or wrinkles and paralyzing them. The cost differs depending on where you have it done & lasts from 3-6 months. You then need to have it repeated.


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