Ban on baby strollers at DC's

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  • razorMind
    What's really banned at the Convention is intellect and independent thought. Show any sign of either of these God given abilities and you will promptly be escorted out.

    I'll be taking plenty of both (heheheh....) but I'll keep my mouth discreetly shut.

    It'll be the first time I've attended in almost 10 years...I'm DYING to hear how things sound now that I'm out. It'll be interesting for sure (and no doubt vomit-inducing--I might not attend all 3 days) It has been a long time since they announced the ban, but I can remember us pushing my baby sister around in one, before the ban (early 1980's).

    Better to be safe than sorry--the day I bring one WOULD be the day of an electrical explosion. Best just obey "Caesar's laws"....(heheheh) Guess I'll just pack the Snugli and the Maya-Wrap! Thanks

  • blondie

    Strollers are forbidden by the fire department to repeat what Mulan said above, not forbidden by the WTS.

    km 5/99 p. 4 1999 "God?s Prophetic Word" District Conventions

    In order to assemble in large numbers for our district conventions, we are required to comply with local laws, fire regulations, and other safety considerations. Therefore, baby strollers and lawn chairs should not be brought into the building where we are assembling. These are trip hazards in areas of foot traffic or between rows of seats. However, child safety seats that will fit into a seat next to the parents and can be secured there are acceptable.

  • Sassy

    yeah.....they haven't allowed you to take strollers in with you for a long long time (in colder areas/imclimate weather where they have coat checks you can check your stroller)...

    so now you arent' supposed to eat any where but bring your lunch in coolers... plus you get to carry your kids..

  • stillajwexelder

    Sure glad my kids have grown up and are no longer babies

  • Stefanie

    I had to climb this f*cker holding a 3 year old and a 2 week old. I was still bleeding heavily! No stroller allowed and elevators unless you were handicap or elderly. We were assigned the rainbow section every year!

  • Sassy

    under the circumstance (recent birth) you should have been allowed the elevator!

  • WTLies

    In Philadelphia's Vet Stadium there were ramps that lead from the ground level all way up to the 700 level. If you were using a stroller going down and it got away from you, that kid would reach some high speeds before he got to the bottom lol

  • Evesapple

    You may be able to however bring an umbrella stroller or something that's compact enough to fit under your seat....something to find out....I'm quite sure that may be allowable.

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    This issue was the only reasons that I went to the circuit ASS-emblies and district CON-ventenions with my ex and the two rugrats. I didn't mind helping, I just hated sitting in the hot sun at Dodger Stadium for an entire weekend. Though I never seemed to mind doing the same for Dodger games on a Sunday afternoon.

    I have posted some of the run-ins her and I had with self-righteous jerks, errrrrrrrr.....attendants. All in all I miss the CON-ventions. Yes, I miss the hours of mindless repitition. The struggle to get seats in some type of shade. The smell of the restrooms. The ring of sweat drenching my shirt collar from having to wear a tie. Yes, I really do miss these things.



  • RR

    No strollers eh? That's what you get for not listening to John and Eunice, you should have waited for the kingdom before you got married and started pumping out those little seeds.


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