Ban on baby strollers at DC's

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  • razorMind
    razorMind that at ALL the district conventions?

    Did that rule come from the Society or from a safety law on the books(fire hazard)?

    If I take a baby stroller to the DC will I get kicked out? I can remember when the baby stroller rule was instituted, but nothing of the details. I kind of need to know, as we are going to a DC soon. My baby is on the heavy side.....

    Thanks in advance.

  • gitasatsangha

    they distract the performers and are of little value.. wait that was flashbulbs at the drama.

  • Xander
    the distract the performers and are of little value.. wait that was flashbulbs at the drama.


    AFAIK, the strollers thing is a health & safety requirement of the stadium. I suppose they'd announce that at ball games, too, except nobody is stupid enough to bring a stroller along to a stadium when going to see a ball game. Says something about JWs, I suppose....

    Which brings up an interesting question....

    Do our friends at Homeland Security search the members going into and out of district conventions? I'm thinking 'no', but I wonder why not? Attendance is just as high as various ball games held at the same facilities....?

  • gitasatsangha

    DHS doesn't check anyone going in and out of sports venues.

  • Xander

    Errr....okay, whoever it is then. Local police or something? Never paid much attention to what uniform they were wearing....

  • Scully

    There has been a ban on baby strollers on the premises of District Conventions for at least a decade now. I was told that they become a hazard in the event of an emergency requiring the evacuation of the building.

    However, as the parent of two small children at the time, it felt like I was being punished by the old baldheads on the GB for having children so close to Armageddon?.

    Love, Scully

  • wednesday

    for some time now, maybe since the 70'/80 there has been a bann on bringing strollers into the DC conventions. It has been that way for so long, i harldy remember when u could bring them.

  • czarofmischief

    If someone took a stadium full of dubs hostage, would anybody really notice?


  • WTLies

    If an attendant sees you with a stroller he may just remind you of the local ordinance, no big deal.

    What's really banned at the Convention is intellect and independent thought. Show any sign of either of these God given abilities and you will promptly be escorted out.

    For those who are allowed to stay, a reminder, borg implants may cause skin irritation, an analgesic cream may be picked up at the first aid station.

  • Mulan

    They haven't allowed them in our area for years, but it's a Fire Department rule. If I couldn't have had a stroller for my little ones, I doubt I would have gone. I have a bad back, my husband was always working behind the scenes, and there is no way I could pack a baby all over on my hip, through crowds of people.

    It isn't a WTS rule, and that is my point.

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