How do you relax ?

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  • Lehaa

    I throw some aromatherapy oils in my spa bath, grab a bottle of wine and a good book and sit and soak for a couple of hours. Then either watch a move or crawl into bed.

    The best for me.

  • new light
    new light

    I'm with Gumby.

  • Maverick

    Picked up my, "one and only girlfriend" in my Jag, drove out to the beach house, sat on the back screened in porch, watching the water, listening to Nora Jones and Laura Turner. We sipped wine coolers, talked and just took it all in. At twilight we slow danced, then went inside to comfort one another. Then about ten I drove her home. It doesn't get much better than that for relaxing in my book! Mav

  • RR

    "Relax"? Hmmmm ... I never thought about it ... lol I relax in the strangest ways. I read, walk, hangout with friends, surf the net and play with my kids. Not neccesarily in that order!


  • Michael3000

    Thanx, Gumby! Mmmmm...

    Don't sit on that cactus...

  • Yerusalyim

    Flat out on my back on the couch with the remote, a cold drink, and cake or something.

  • Dan-O
    Deep that bring back some memories!

    Machine Head is my favorite Deep Purple album.

  • CountryGuy

    Sunday mornings are my favorite.

    Me.... the coffee shop....
    ....cup of coffee....
    ....newspaper or magazine....
    ....reading and people watching.


  • GentlyFeral
    I'm with Gumby.

    Me too. Also a good quirky movie or Britcom* DVD from Netflix, a sinfully rich snack (pb&j on toast, or ice cream and waffles, or an avocado with a good salad dressing), a good book, a couple of brainy naked men, "windowshopping" at eBay, or reading a db where smart quirky people hang this one. Sometimes I take a nap, but only as a last resort. GentlyFeral *We're halfway thru Monty Python, and looking forward to AbFab and Red Dwarf.

  • Corvin

    I've waited to respond to this thread and the question, "how do you relax".

    After much thought I realized that I rarely do.

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