Older sisters and long hair- now a no-no?

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  • black ghost
    black ghost

    hmm .what b**locks ! that sounds a lot like this elder in my old k.h. he wouldn't allow his wife to perm her hair as it was worldly and he said it loudly for my friends benefit as she just had her hair permed. this was his own personal opinion - and believe me he had many, i think he was on a mission to re-write the bible single handedly.

    incidentaly he was a bald git and if he wasn't bald he would still be a git.

  • Elsewhere

    This is no different than the rule that says men* cannot have beards... it is a litmus test to see if the person will blindly obey anything without question.

    * However, I have seen plenty of JW women with beards

  • wednesday

    Tell me why religion expends so much energy trying to control women?

  • Sassy

    my mom had really long hair for a long time and I heard people on the side complain that she should cut her hair for something more approriate to her age.....that was just opinions......

    you know how the JWs only thing to do in life is sit and judge other people....

  • AlanF

    Blondie quoted from w51 2/15 p. 127:

    "Respecting the cutting of women?s hair, referred to in 1 Corinthians chapter 11, this does not refer to cutting it to shorten it for convenience? sake but still leaving a feminine touch to it, but cutting it short like a man?s so as to resemble a man and thereby remove this natural God-given sign of woman?s subjection to man and of the church?s subjection to Christ her head."

    This statement is typical of the unbelievably stupid argumentation often found in Watchtower publications. It equates a mere style of hair cutting (short hair on a man) with what's "natural" and "God-given". Don't Watchtower writers understand the difference between a mere style and what grows naturally on the human body? Of course they do, but they often decide to argue a point (woman's subject to man) with specious claims, and they know perfectly well that no JW will raise any objections, and so they fool themselves and most JWs into thinking that this specious argumentation comes from God. The fact that JW writers know that they can count on the protective stupidity -- the Orwellian doublethink -- of their followers, and be so contemptuous of them, is diagnostic of the abusive JW cult.


  • little witch
    little witch

    Jw's are grouped in with fundies. If you are a fundy, you think every single word (let alone sentence) of the bible is from gawd. Therefore the jw women are taught or believe that they should not "adorn their hair" or cut it, or make it too pretty.

    Trouble arises when they try to follow directives and it becomes long and loose and thus the hair bearer to the public looks too like another group who insists on long and loose hair on women (pentecostal).

    It also conflicts with the BUISINESS IMAGE, which the jws want to maintain.

    I look at it as a "salesman type" image that is perpetuated. Anything less than the business look will not be tolerated.

  • cyber-sista

    I heard this one time in a talk years ago by an older brother who had just married a ver young sister. He said it was up to the husband what length their wives hair was. He had something against long hair because it could be thought of as being counter culture (referring to hippie or something of that sort) His young wife had short hair and looked rather miserable I thought.

  • CountryGuy

    Another fine example of Christian love (or lack there of). My gramma had hair down to her waist and nothing was ever said about it. Of course, the brothers in her congregation knew better. She had a reputation of telling it like it is and could always back things up with a scripture. They didn't mess with her. She would have lit into this brother like a duck on a Junebug.


  • Odrade
    He said it was up to the husband what length their wives hair was


  • talesin


    In some ancient cultures, women were revered and the Goddess worshipped because of our power. The power of life and death symbolized by giving birth. In India, the yoni, or female genitalia, were worshipped. Some stone entrances to cave temples were carved in a representation of the yoni. Supplicants would dip their fingers into a bowl of reddish powder and rub it on the sacred yoni as a tribute to the bleeding times. There are many sculptures and ancient depictions of the yoni in other lands as well. (try googling "yoni" if you want to see/read some stuff on this)

    The younger religions; for example, Christianity and Nation of Islam; recognized the powers of women in the social structure. That is why the rules of these religions are so oppressive of women, in order to discredit our innate strengths.

    Let's look at Christianity. Think of the Inquisition. Most of the wise women of the villages in Europe were burned at the stake as witches.

    Why? Well, they were the healers, the ones who worked with herbs and medicines. They were considered wise, and held a lot of power in the village. They were midwives who brought people into the world, and also aided women with abortion by use of herbal skills. They advised young people. Who took over these roles after the 'burning times'? Well, the priest, of course. The church gave rules on birth control, and herbal medicines and wise women were considered demonized and practitioners of witchcraft.

    Thus changing the social structure to be more controlled by the new religion than its previously community-based power structure.

    (an interesting documentary on this is called "The Burning Times", one of a series of three, and should be at your local library or video store)

    Just a few thoughts. Good question.

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