30 Years a WT Slave

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  • waiting

    Bought the book off ebay.....but have not read entirely. Much anger - like a lot of us - and he has a right to his anger. But Uriah's right - the mechanics are interesting. How the WT used people to achieve their means. And the insight into Rutherford fascinating.

    On H20, some poster put up a speech by a member of the British government on organizations. It was fascinating - and, no, I didn't copy it. I believe Simon might have it - but he's never posted it. In essence (from a faulty memory):

    • Be prepared to leave ANY organization you join within 5 years. The reason being that ANY organization evolves into a different organization from the original within that time. If you agreed in the beginning - you may not agree with the evolved organization. But you must LOOK at that organization with open eyes and understanding.
    • All organizations begin the same......a group of like minded people form an organization. At some point, the organization doesn't need it's founders....it's strong enough on it's own. However, in order to grow, it must have food (money, people & power). Thus, it turns initially upon it's own followers as a primary source of food. Then, bring in new recruits to feed upon.

    The WTBTS fits this profile brilliantly. Russell's been quoted many times as never wanting an organization because he felt that it would eventually turn into a religious organization like the Catholic Church. He was right. When the WTBTS became a true organized religion - it mirrored the Catholic Church, all the while damning them.


  • TallTexan

    Um, I think this book falls into the 'don't believe everything you read' category. I found it hard to trust some of his accounts because they are veiled with so much anger and resentment. Very little was documented. In contrast, CoC was WELL-documented, and written in an almost apologetic tone, and therefore more objective and believable. I think that's one of the reasons that this book never made the splash that CoC did. I've talked to people who have never been JW's that said they thought it was a little over the top, with lack of real documentation for some of the more sensational tales....

    Just my $0.02

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