Emotional Wreck

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  • Puternut

    This move is harder than I thought it was going to be. I have been doing the 'mental' work for this move for sometime now. And the last week it's been the 'pysical' part. As I am sitting here packing it's hitting me really hard. That once again I am picking up roots again.... where will it take me this time?

    I grew up in the Caribbean. When I was 15 years old, I moved to the Netherlands. It tore me apart, I didn't want to leave the islands. I had good friends there. My earliest memories are from there. Then I tore up roots in the Netherlands 6 years later, to move to the US. Left good friends and family behind. I have been here now 26 years, and once again I am tearing up roots. But it gets harder as I get older.

    I am joyful, but also scared to death....


  • Satanus

    Yah, each time a person makes a long move, he leaves behind part of his soul, imo. At least the spiderlady will be accompanying you. She seems like a good supporter. Maybe there is some kind of ceremony you can do to make it easier.


  • Puternut

    Ceremony...there ya go. Need to make a little dance to the fridge, to get some beer.


  • Lehaa

    I know how you feel, my parents moved me around a lot when I was a kid.

    I found it easier too look forwark to what I was going to and now what I was leaving behind.

    As far as leaving old friends and family, I found it easier if kept in contact with then as much as posible for the first few months. At least now with email and all that we can still remain close to those we leave behind.

    Thinking of you at this time I know it is not easy. Just remamber to just do stuff as you can cope, if you need to just get out for a while to clear your head, even if it's only for 10 minutes.

    All the best for the futue Putter and look forward to hearing of your new adventures in your new home.

  • Country_Woman

    You can look to it this way: you did manage to make a new live in the past, obvious you will do also in the future. The more becos you want this move - you are not pressed to do so by others.

    As others said: you will be able to keep contact with everybody by using e-mail a.s.o., stil it will be difficult. See it as going home (you are going back to the place you grew up is'nt it ?)

  • orangefatcat

    Putermut, I can understand how you feel. I too have manytimes be made to pick up roots and move on. And yes the worst part is leaving behind your new friends .

    I rarely tpok the chance to make new friends for fear my father would pounce news that we were moving again. Its hard to when you have developed deep friendships.

    I can count on both my fingers and toes as to how many times our dad picked us up and uprooted us. So until I was on my own I was at my families mercy and my fathers desire to pick up and move faster than you can say, jack be nibble jack be quick ,jack jumped over the candle stick.

    Its an emotional ride no matter what and that is why I feel for you and understand how you feel. I am very content now in my home but soon we are moving because we need a bigger place and a little medical help so we will be moving into a place where we can get medical assistance at our own apartment. So we are looking forward to this and it is only down the road we live on now.

    I wish all the best on your move and true to form I know you will make friends quickly. I am not sure where u said you are moving too. But no matter where you go you still have the internet and still be in the forum.



  • moonwillow

    Hang in there you'll be just fine it's just another new adventure and you'll have a great time, scary at times yes. You made it this far haven't you?

  • codeblue

    I think it is very true: everytime you move you leave a piece of your soul behind.

    I have had 13 major moves in the last 26 years.........even the thought of moving now "wears me out"...but I would do it again for the "right" reason.

    But we have to think of "why" you are moving and "where" are you moving to...You have much to gain from this move.......It appears to be a win-win situation.

    You will be living in beautiful Hawaii.....

    your soul will never "freeze"..

    and you will constantly be delighted by the tropical breezes.

    ...uh huh........that's right!!!


  • Sassy

    Changes are scary.......especially big ones and this definately fits a big one......

    but I really think it is going to be a good move for you...........

    Your daughters are going to come see you...... you won't have to run into JWs who are rude...

    and you are still going to have us!! we're only an internet line away!

  • scootergirl

    Puternut, I can totally relate. I can count three times in my life when I have picked up and started over. This is THE first time ever that I feel like I have roots in a community-a life of my own and I am very protective of it.

    Remember, moving is a big stressor in life. Once the move is over and you are settled you should feel better.

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