Do You Really Think The wt Feel The Outrage Felt On This Site?

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  • Celtic

    I don't think they get it yet.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    But they will once you send them all the arse pics you've been requesting :)

  • Lehaa

    No, because whoever tells them about this site just gets disfellowshipped for being here.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Really You should know better.

    Remember how we talked about those whiners who stood outside the conventions picketing?

    They won't get it. They just think we are miserable sots.

    They, on the other hand, are righteous worthy ones.

  • blobby

    I tend to agree with Lady..........they won't, don't get it ......I'd love to tell my old JW mates that it's all crap but I know that they'd think I'm mad !

    As a fader I'd be regarded as spiritually weak and they'd say ..........

    "we saw that coming.........he was weak anyway etc etc"

    Its only when they find out through their own efforts that they will realise.......

    This site and efforts of people like DauntedDanny of the mad class, raise awareness, they don't de-convert people but it is chipping away at them and one day they may stop to look for themselves.

  • uriah

    No. Having just read 30 years a wt slave, I now understand that from 1921-1931 three-quaters of the original JW had left, which was the plan. No 'old-timers' to remind the new recruits of the failings. As new converts come in they are riding the crest of the WT wave and see no evil. Those ones don't read this board. Out with the old in with the new. When you undertand it is about bookselling (sorry, contibuting) you realise they don't give a fiddlers fart about those that have left, there are plenty more to take your place - and thiers when they eventually wake up and smell the coffee. We can read and write to this board until the cows come home, it makes no difference in the end - the WTBTS is a psychopatic organisation and does not feel regret - how else can you explain Malawi and others. I think this board has more to do with grieving - venting your spleen, telling your story, supporting others not so advanced in the process and warning those who have strayed here in defiance, and finally leading as normal a life as possible. If the WT gets a few potshots aimed at it in the course of this, well then that is a bonus.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    I sincerely hope that in referencing Danny Hazard as one of the 'mad class' that you meant mad as in angry, distressed, and not 'mad' as in insane. Undaunted danny is one individual who has been seriously affected by the workings of the WTS and I believe, is fully justified for his behaviour and opinions toward the 'society'. If some dubs visit this site and are offended by his actions, then that is just stiff shit.


    P.S. The WTS live in an insulated world of their own. Everything they do say or think is justified by their interpretation of the bible as expounded by the watchtower. Nothing else matters.

  • blobby


  • Amazing1914

    Hi Cetlic,

    Most JWs do not get it. They view us as they are taught to view us: as evil apostates, lovers of the devil, and haters of Jehovah. This view is likely true of most who work at Bethel. I am sure, however, that there are some at Bethel who get it, who underetand, but they feel uncomfortable to discuss it, for fear of being viewed as apostate. As for the very highest leaders, it is not so much whether they get it, but more that they do not care. Devil 2

  • Hapgood

    Celtic, I've wondered the same thing. It's been said that they monitor this site. I don't know how they read some of the things that are posted here and not do something about their disgusting policies that wreck peoples lives. They have to be very hard hearted, many times I come here and I'm in tears, how can they not be moved. I believe that they will answer to God one day in a big way for being so presumptuous in their claim that they speak for God. That's why I left, when I learned what they are, my conscience would not let me have any part in that evil organization (yes, I believe it's evil).


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