If you could have..

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  • Cassiline
    I feel that the scar represents the HUGE trauma done to your body/spirit.

    Perhaps this is why they bother me so much and I had not thought about it in that respect prior.That and the fact I am now part terminator with a machine jutting out of my back when I bend over.bleck

    Thanks Tal, hugs to you lady!

  • StinkyPantz
    One thing I do not understand are women in their 20's wanting Botox. Stinky your comment reminded me of such but I am not picking on you. I was watching a program the other night about all these young girls getting the smallest of lines out of their face and they just ended up with 'perma grin' or what looked like a bee sting or swollen in some places.

    Well, I don't think you are picking on me . For the most part, I think plastic surgery (unless it's to fix a deformity or something similar) is silly. I've considered getting the Botox on my forehead though, not around my smile. Neither of my parents have wrinkles except on their foreheads, and they are pretty defined. Anyways, I know me, and I know I'll never go through the procedure; but who hasn't at least thought about it?

  • Valis
    I am now part terminator with a machine jutting out of my back when I bend over.



    District Overbeer

  • GentlyFeral

    Well, for most of my life I've been self-concious about being fat a BBW. But one day about 9 years ago I hwas having a staring contest with the mirror and realized: Yes, I'm fat - but it drapes nice!

    But still -- my belly's still too big, my skin's pockmarked and my hair's too thin.

    No, I'm not contemplating plastic surgery.


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