Canada....what are the best citys?

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  • confusedjw

    Oh you are going to love Canada, the 53rd State

    Up there the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar and the peso are the same.

    The beer flows like wine and the women can take a hit (hockey).

    Houses are cheap, especially above the dew line and you can get seal pups almost all year round. (bring your own club)

    The intellectual center is and you can tell the rest of is jealous about that.

    Quebec, the 52 nd State, has succeeded for the 4 th time, but they?ll be back.

    The most famous person on TV is named Red Green and football has one Canadian in the league per law.

  • Soledad
    but none of the -2 degree crap we had down here in oregon a while back

    so then why move above the jet stream??

  • Simon

    Calgary is a beautiful city.

    BTW: You know all those colorful model cows they have all round the city? Well ... Manchester now has exactly the same. The thing is, Calgary has come connection with Catle ... Manchester is not famed for it's herds, more for it's cotton mills WHY !!!

  • ball.

    Wow, that is cheap. Here areb the average prices in the UK Average Cost: £160,142 Detached: £255,191 Semi-detached: £150,450 Terraced: £127,760 Flat: £160,152 and the market is about to crash yet again.

  • ball.

    P.S. A pound is about 1 dollar 50 in the US

  • iiz2cool

    Victoria's a nice city, and so is Vancouver. But it rains too much, I'd say about 70% of the year.

    Calgary's a nice city if you're a redneck.

    Skip anything in Saskatchewan, it's just too damn flat out there. No NHL hockey either.

    I haven't been to Winnipeg, but I hear it's VERY cold in the winter. Of course with the cheaper housing you could probably afford the higher heating costs. But it has no NHL hockey team anymore.

    Toronto and its surrounding area is a great place. It's Canadas largest city. People from smaller centers like to whine about Toronto. That's to be expected from people from inferior cities. No one likes to be second best. I think the highest percentage of immigrants come here, and it's not without good reason. It's a very multicultural area, has a lot of attractions, plenty of jobs, and a good strong apostate population, second only to Texas. We have a decent hockey team, even if they haven't won a Stanley cup since 1967.

    Forget Montreal unless you speak French.

    I won't comment on east coast cities because I haven't been there. But rumor has it that they know their beer out there.


  • talesin

    Bigger does not mean better. Typical Upper Canadian attitude.

    I DON'T feel Toronto is superior in any way. It's a great city I love it, but with the same problems (crime, poverty, HIGH housing costs) as other large metropolis's. A good place to visit, but unless you have lots of money, not an easy place to live. That's how we here in the East feel about it.

  • confusedjw

    Batman said:

    Manchester is not famed for it's herds, more for it's cotton mills WHY !!!

    Right, statues of cotton sheep all over town - you know what kind of crowd that will bring...

    "MMMMM cotton sheep - much softer"

  • Corvin

    VANCOUVER! Definitely.

    It's like San Diego, but with more places to nude sunbathe

  • Dismembered

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