OMG!!! The largest WTS collection I have ever seen on eBay!!! $10,000.00

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  • AlanF

    NWT wrote:

    : How much bigger?

    I have virtually all of the main literature from 1919 onward (except for Golden Age, Bulletins, Directors, and small-volume extremely rare stuff), and most of Russell's main works. I have a lot of extras of some things.

    : I turned down $6,000 for one book: Man's Salvation from a Lawyers Point of View, 1906, J.F. Rutherford.

    Those are really rare.

    : AlanF: I would like to see what you have. Is your invitation still open? In what part of the world are you?

    If you're ever in Fort Collins, Colorado, you're welcome to stop in.

    : Shall I bring along my extra Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens or my extra Faith on the March to start the trading?

    Only the first.

    : Someone told me he thought they might fetch about $500.00 each now.

    Not from any savvy buyer. I think the first one might go for $100-200, but the second generally sells for $50-125 on Ebay.

    : I think I have three (maybe four) Daily Heavenly Manna in with my old Year Books. Can I really get $150.00 each for them now?

    Mannas tend to go for $75-150, pre-1936 YBs for $75-250 on Ebay.


  • chappy

    Do you guys turn in your time when you place this literature?$

  • AlanF

    I finally took a look at the Ebay auction from this guy. He's a major collector and seller. I think that the stuff he's selling now is just a compilation of extras. I doubt that he could get $10,000 even if he sold the stuff off piecemeal. AlanF

  • onacruse

    I know a fellow who has so many old WTS books, he has to belly-up in his crawl-space to get at them.


    edit to add: There have been numerous posts about old lit...don't throw it! Sell it, maybe, as you see fit, but don't throw it!

  • RR

    Okay ... so now we're bragging, eh? Okay ... let's see. I have EVERY major book, booklet and tract from 1879 to the present. I also have the major works of the early Adventist, those who influenced Russell. In originals, Including WIlliams Millers "Evidence that the Lord's return will be in 1843/44" it doesn't have a cover, but still,a nice rare copy. A few months a go Russell's 1882 edition of "The Tabernacle and its teachings" sold for over 6,000.00.

    The Bible Students have put on one CD Rom the complete works of C.T. Russell. And the Watchtowers and others items from the Rutherford era to the present have already been put on to CDs. So all this book collecting is just that ...collecting. I have been slowly getting rid of some of my extra stuff I no longer need.


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